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Every decorista's accessories should have a few favourites, the few that can morph into different looks and the heirlooms that are collectables in their own right.

Accessorizing a room is much like accessorizing an outfit! Every decorista's collection of accessories should have a handful of favorites, a few impulse buys, evergreen neutrals that can be used with most things, the flexible few that can morph into different looks and the heirlooms that are collectibles in their own right. Curate these room accessories to create easy, different looks for all your rooms whenever the mood strikes!

Affordable Seasonality

Decorating updates can often be an expensive proposition. Avoid breaking the bank by inculcating a penchant for all things seasonal, from fruits to flowers to leaves, use arrangements of them all as decor accessories for a flash of natural color.

Article Image
Lotuses make a pretty seasonal display

Display More Art

Art can be as expensive as a commissioned painting or a water color collection from when you were in school. Art is a great reflection of personal taste, and the more of a good thing the better is the case in decor.
Article Image
Two paintings displayed in a dining room

Display Artfully too!

The way that objects are displayed can make all the difference between mundane and interesting. Display your carefully collected conversation pieces with as much care as you took when acquiring them for accessories to truly shine!
Article Image
A guitar collection displayed in a music room with a piano

Multiply Accessories

With some accessories two is better than one, and three is even better! Display multiples of the same accessory to underline its significance in the decor of a room and make them stand out.
Article Image
Two identical vases displayed together on a dining table

Cushion It

A bunch of differently patterned or colored cushions on a bed or couch can be comfortable as well as decorative. Use cushions in various shapes and sizes to accessorize a room, you can even consider colorful floor cushions, strewn about or piled up, for an unusual look.
Article Image
Colorful cushions dress up a bed

Stools And Ottomans

A pair of upholstered stools or an ottoman are a modern alternative to the coffee table with the added flexibility of being used as extra seating when required. Fitted covers in different patterns and colors, for your ottoman or stools, can help to change the look of your room from season to season.
Article Image
Zebra print upholstery on an ottoman

Rugs Cover Up

A rug is a spectacular way to bring character and pattern to a subdued space. Antique Persian or modern and avant garde, a rug can set the tone and palette for a room, bringing the decor together. An area rug can define a setting of furniture as part of a larger room or layer rugs for an unusual but modern decor update.
Article Image
A decorative carpet brings a room decor together

Decorate The Dining Table

The dining table takes up a large amount of visual space in your dining room, leaving it bare can make the room look stark and empty. Decorate your dining table with runners, candlesticks or even bountiful seasonal fruit and vegetables to create an attractive display.
Article Image
A collection of objets d'art on a dining table

Play Favorites

Your favorite hobby, or color, or practically any subject that you are passionate about, can be the central idea for a room's decor with the use of the right accessories. 
A passion for the outdoors is evident in the room below, with accessories like a fishing rod over the window, an oar leaning against the wall and a ball of rope used as accessories around a bar trolley.
Article Image
An unusual trolley used as a decor accessory

Put the ideas listed above into practice with decor accessories displayed to perfection and an eye for detail, color and pattern, that could match, clash or complement, when brought together to create a variety of arresting looks for your interiors.



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