HomeTriangle Guides: Clean In 10 Minutes Or Under!


You’ll be truly astonished at the house cleaning tasks you can complete in just 10 minutes (or under!). You don’t believe it? Set a stop clock and give it a go!

You’ll be truly astonished at the house cleaning tasks youcan complete in just 10 minutes (or under!). You don’t believe it? Set a stop clock andgive it a go!

Clean Up Under Box Beds

Just put on a dish of rice to cook and use the time to clean underneath box beds. All you require is a broom to sweep dirt and dust and a wet mop attached to a long stick, to easily reach from one end of the bed to the other. 

Article Image
Use a mop to reach under box beds

Gardening Skills

Watering plants and pruning foliage is an easytask, finish this simple chore in under 10 minutes. Pull out the pipeand fix it to the tap, and give your plants a thorough wash down while trimming off any dead leaves by hand. To water indoor potted plants use a spritzer or a watering can.
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Use a watering can to water indoor plants

Clean Your Car

If you are prepared and organized, you can complete this task while waiting for breakfast to get ready. For this task you need abucketful of water, soap solution, a sponge and two dry cloths. Wash the carthoroughly, applying the soap solution quickly and effectively with the sponge, wash and wipe down afterwards with a dry cloth. 

Give the interior a  quick wipe down with a damp cloth and empty out any trash from the car like parking receipts, fuel bills etc.

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Set a day to wash your car

Tidy Up The Living Room

Pick up stray items like newspapers and magazines and put them in their proper place, dust off tables and sofa seats, plump up cushions, put them in their proper place and refresh water in flowers vases. Tidy up the living room in just 10 minutes in the morning while youwait for the washroom to be vacated for you to use. 

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A neat and tidy living room is just a 10 minute job

Unclog Drains

Unclog, deodorize and sanitize bathroom drains to make water pass unhindered in just 10 minutes. Go the chemical drain cleaner route easily available in the market or use a mix of baking soda and vinegar for an eco-friendly alternative.

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Unclog drains to let water flow out freely

De-clutter Your Desk

Sort out papers and bills, arrange books and files, sharpen pencils, check supplies like stationery and clips etc. Get your table top neat and organised in just 10minutes. 

Article Image
A tidy home office

Take Down Dirty Curtains

Taking down dirty curtains is a 10 minute job, tackle one room at a time to get it done quickly. Unhook and wash, then you'll need another 10 minute session to put them up! 

Article Image
Unhook bedroom curtains in 10 minutes

Workon one 10 minute chore everyday to see a  remarkable difference in the cleanliness of your home. Start by alloting specific days like Mondayfor your car clean up, Tuesday to unclog drains and so on. Split up and clean up! 



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