HomeTriangle Guides: Clean In 7 Minutes Or Under!


Maintaining your home doesn't have to be a strain, we advocate a piecemeal approach with these under 7 minute house cleaning tasks.

Just the thought of tidying up every nook and corner of your home, all at one go, is tiring! Putting you off even before you pick up a mop or duster. Maintaining your home doesn't have to be a strain, we advocate a piecemeal approach with these under 7 minute house cleaning tasks. Some of these may even take less than 7 minutes to complete, while othersmay be slightly more involved. 

Altogether, these taskswill leave you with a home that’s spotlessly clean!

Clean Windows

Taking a break from reading? Or do you want toutilize that commercial break during your favorite serial on tele? Clean the insides of windows in one room, this task should take less than 7 minutes to be accomplished. You'll require a cleaning spray or soap solution along with a dry cloth for thissimple task.

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Clean a window

Empty Out The Trash 

Productively utilize the time in which the oven heats up to do something. Take out thegarbage from all the trash cans in your home. While you’re at it, collect recyclables, from magazines to beer bottles, and clear them out as well.

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Take out trash and recyclables

Organize Your Bookshelf 

Return the book you've just finished to its place on thebookshelf. While you decide which book to read next, organize the book shelf, dust it off andarrange the books alphabetically or by color, in an attractive, organised manner.

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Organize your shelves

Clean Your Closet

It can take less than 7 minutes to clean up and organize a closet. Take a minute to hang clothes according to length, return accessories and shoes to their proper place. Keep clothes, handbags and other accessories in different sections, group them so thatthe arrangement looks neat and they are easily differentiated. 

Do this once a week and your closet will never ever be in disarray again!

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A neatly organized closet

Make The Bed

Dust the mattress, change pillow coversand bed sheets all in under 7 minutes! You'll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in very little time when you watch the clock.

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Making the bed is easily done in under 7 minutes

Shine A Mirror 

You want to see a clean spotless mirror once you're done showering but can't find the time? Use the time your tea takes to come to a boil, to make your vanity mirror shine. All you need is a cleaning spray along with a dry cloth for this simple task whichwill definitely take less than 7 minutes to finish.

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A spotless mirror is a quickly accomplished chore

Don't Let The Dishes Pile Up

Washing a pile of dirty dishes is tiring, boring chore that can feel endless. Instead of letting the plates pile up, do the dishes after everymeal in under 7 minutes, you'll have them washed and done.

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Do the dishes after every meal

Clean The Fridge

Well, we're not talking about a thorough fridge clean out. Just throw out the rotten stuff, check sauces and condiments for expiry dates, and take a quick look to see if ice trays are full and the use by dates of the foodstuff in the freezer . This very simple task should take just 7 minutes to complete.

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Keep your fridge spotless

You can easily complete these little chores whileyour kids polish off their breakfast or multi-task while you chat with a friend on a hands-free device!



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