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In Indian homes the TV can be the focal point of a room. While you don’t mind showing off your expensive new flat screen full HD TV, you probably don’t like that it’s taking up so much real estate on your wall without adding anything to interior decor.

In Indian homes a TV can be the focal point of a room. While you don’t mindshowing off your expensive new flat screen full HD TV, you probably don’t likethat it’s taking up so much real estate on your wall without adding anything to interior decor. 

Here are a bunch of fun ways to camouflage or hide your television when it’snot being used!

Entertainment Cabinet

Mostentertainment centers are open, with in built shelves for the DVD player, set top box andsound system, while the TV is generally placed on a table top stand or is wall mounted.Keep your TV and other gadgets hidden, as well as dust free, by choosing an entertainment cabinet with sliding doors that can be opened out when you watch TV and slide back into place when you are done.

Article Image
All your gadgets are out of sight in an entertainment center

Wall Decor

Hanging up paintings or photoframes around your television will effectively blend it in with the wall decor, so it won’tstand out. Or you could choose to frame up your television as a part of the display exactly like the one shown with the bright yellow frame below.

Article Image
Many attractive options for placing Frames around a television


If you want to hide your TV in a stylishly classy way rather than choosing a purely functional look, then opt for an antique cabinet. Nothing projects luxury and elegance better than antique decor accents that can become the focal point of your room's decor.

Article Image
The antique look to hide your TV

Art Panel

Showcase your art by mounting a painting on a panel in front of your TV.  Whenever you need to watch TV simply lift thepanel up, or aside, and move back into place when you are done.  Alternatively,  you could simply use a roll down tapestry instead of a panel. 

Article Image

Now you see me now you don’t - Two options with art, slide away painting or roll out canvas

Article Image
A roll out canvas mounted over a TV, shown both rolled out to cover and rolled up and away

Slide Out Of Sight

Anothergreat way of keeping your TV undercover is to custom fabricate a set of two panels on a slide rail in front of it. Simply slide open the two panels every time you want to watch TV. The panels could be a pair of old doors or a set of matched paintings or a collage of family photographs.

Article Image
A custom sliding rail to slide the two rustic looking doors in front of the TV when not in use

Article Image
Article Image
Paintings, mounted on  shelves, that slide away to reveal the TV

Article Image
A collage of black and white photographs mounted on fold-away panels

Trick The Eye

Make the television a less dominant element in an elegantly appointed room. Ifyou don’t want to hide the TV, but just want it to be less conspicuous, placing an intricate designer frame around it should do the trick! Another way to achieve a similar result is to paint, or wallpaper, the wall behind the television in a dark color so that the large black TV panel is less obvious by contrast. 

Article Image

An ornately framed TV

Article Image
A television mounted on a dark wall is less obvious

Thesecreative ways will ensure that your TV stays hidden and will only come out to play when you want it to!


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