HomeTriangle Guides: How To Make Your House Monsoon Ready With Quick Hacks


You should start by looking around the house for tasks to be taken care of before the downpours begin. So, here are some tips for you to make your house monsoon ready.

The monsoon brings with it a pleasant drop in temperature, however,it also necessitates extra  care to make your home rain ready. You should start with lookingaround the house for tasks to be taken care of before the downpours begin. These quick and helpful tips will let you enjoy the rain and keep it outside your home!

Pay Attention To The Basement

Protect basement walls by sealingthem with cement or concrete sealer to keep water from seepinginto the walls. If your home is in a low lying area stock up on sand bags to stack aroundyour home to prevent water from flooding your basement. 

Article Image
Sandbags tokeep rain water from entering the basement


Whenever the exterior of your home is painted, make sure to use good qualitywaterproof paint as protection from rain water damage. For an additional protective layer use a sealant on the exterior as well.

Article Image
Areas of the exterior wall to waterproof      

PVC Pipes Instead Of Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes rust and crack as a result of corrosion caused by rain water. If your home has exposed galvanized pipe plumbing that was installed a long time ago, it could be a reason for leaks and moisture in walls causing cracks and chips in interior paint. PVC pipes areplastic pipes that do not rust. Galvanized pipes also have a much shorter life span than PVC pipes

Article Image
A leaky pipe            

Wall Vegetation

Moist walls encourage the growth of weeds, stray plants and algae that look unpleasant. The plants roots take hold in the wall, widening small cracks and result in water seeping into walls. For this reason it is important tofix minor cracks and fissures without waiting for them tobecome an ugly wall garden!

Article Image
Plant growing in a wall crack  

Repair Masonry 

Another cause of cracks inwalls is old and weathered masonry. Before the monsoon season begins,you should consider using a good quality putty to seal all cracks in old, weather beaten walls.

Article Image
Crack in an exterior wall              

Check Wiring

If there are any exposed or damaged wires or electrical cables in the interior or exterior vicinity of your home, they can be a an extreme hazard when combined with rain water causing accidents like electrocution and fires due to short circuits. Ask your handyman or electrician to do a complete check of wires andelectrical points. Also ensure that any openings in electrical wires are covered with electrical tape before the monsoon arrives.

Article Image
Use good quality, certified wires to avoid shot circuits    

Write down all the jobs that need to be commissioned when you inspect your home, hire the respective handy men needed to complete the job properly. We recommend that you hire quality professionals to protect your home this monsoon season so you can enjoy the rains in peace.



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