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Eco-friendly gardening is the best way to play your part as an environmentally conscious human being. These simple steps will help you attain that objective.

Green is the buzzword these days! Eco-friendly gardening is one of thebest ways to play your part as an  environmentally conscious human being. You are not onlycontributing to the environment but also promoting a lifestyle choice minuschemicals and pesticides.

These simple steps will help you attain that objectivewithout burning a hole in your pocket.

From Your Kitchen

You can use manyingredients like coffee grounds, dried eggshells, used tea leaves etc., fromyour kitchen to enrich soil with nutrients as an alternative to fertilizers.

Article Image
Using natural ingredients like banana peeland egg shells to give plants nutrients  

Make A Compost Heap

Compost consists of waste, organic and otherwisethat can be decomposed. Compost can make your soil nutrient rich. Use shreddedpaper, fruits and vegetables, grass clippings, egg shells, left over meals etc.to make compost but remember not to add dairy products or meat. Spray the compost heap with water every once in a while to keep it moist and allow to decompose. 

Article Image
Using kitchen waste to create compost heap         

Use color coded waste basket to easily segregate waste for your compost heap.

Article Image
Color coded dustbins     

Rainwater Harvesting

Install a rainwater harvesting system that collects rainwater in a tank for you to reuse. Opting for a container garden versus a grass lawn will also save water because lawns consume large amounts ofwater to stay healthy.

Article Image
Rain water harvesting to reuse the water collected

Choose Native Plants And Flowers

Native plants and flowers need less time, care, labor, water, pesticide andfertilizer because they are naturally adapted to the climate and are compatibleto the growing conditions. Native plants also help the ecosystem by providing suitablehabitats for beneficial native insects.

Article Image
Planting the native flowers to add color and equilibrium to the garden          

Natural Plant Disease Cures

Plants don’t need toxic insecticides and pesticides to remain healthy or fight off disease. Use Eco-friendly options like potassium bicarbonate, baking soda and milk to protect your plants from disease.

Article Image
Use milk to treat fungal infection on plants         

Kill Weeds Naturally

Ingredients from your kitchen can also be used to kill weedsand pests in your garden without affecting the quality of the soil. You can usea vinegar spray or boiling water to kill weeds rather than relying on syntheticchemicals.

Article Image
Weeds killed using vinegar spray or boiling water         

Grow Your Own Veg

Fresh veggies straight fromyour kitchen garden are a healthy, organic alternative and while they grow they help to removecarbon dioxide from the atmosphere partly from the transportation of vegetables todifferent parts of the country!

Article Image
Plant your own veggies     

Invite The Birds In

Birds help in spreading pollen and also act as anatural pest control by eating insects that attack garden plants. Placing birdbaths and bird feeders around your garden encourages birds to come and join in in your gardening activities!

Article Image
A birdhouse in the garden

These are some simple things that you can do to go green with your gardening hobby today!



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