Popular Cleaning Myths Busted!

For many years some of us have blindly followed old wives tales and other cleaning remedies that were handed to us by our grandmothers! While most are harmless and may even be effective, a few could turn out to be harmful as well as a waste of time and money.

Listed below are a few cleaning remedies that you should definitely not try at home.

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Vinegar blackens hardwood floors

Vinegar Can Be Destructive

Nana’s adage "There’s nothing a little vinegar won’t remove", may have worked in the days of concrete, mosaic and ceramic flooring. Today, using vinegar to clean hardwood floors will turn your expensive hardwood black. Using it on marble surfaces is worse as it will cause marble to corrode, while vinegar on waxed surfaces will dull the sheen.

Yes, vinegar kills bugs but if you use undiluted vinegar on a bug infested plant, get ready to say goodbye to your plant as well!

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Extra detergent in the washing machine 

Extra Detergent? Not A Good Thing

If you feel that oily dishes won’t sparkle unless you add an extra dollop of dish-wash detergent and apply the same principle while washing soiled, grimy clothes? Alakazam! Extremely clean clothes? Yes! But your machine goes for a toss as detergent build-up can lead to mold, odors and clogged filters.

Bleach Is Not Perfect

Like vinegar, bleach has been heralded as a supremely effective cleaning product. While it may be good for certain surfaces, bleach is highly corrosive. Bleach when mixed with products like ammonia or vinegar can release a gas that is very harmful to the lungs.

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Newspaper is cheap but can be ineffective

Paper Towels Trump The Newspaper

We've all grown up being told that newspapers are very effective when cleaning dirty glass or mirrors. While the surface may appear clean, take a closer look and you’ll find traces of newsprint ink on the surface!

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Hairspray no longer an option for ink stains

Hairspray Is Not A Stain Remover

Are you still using hairspray to remove that messy ink stain on your favorite shirt or a nail polish mark off your white blouse? It may have done the trick many years ago because the level of alcohol in hairspray was much higher. Research has shown that alcohol makes the hair dry, so companies that manufacture hairspray have subsequently reduced the alcohol content, making today’s hairspray ineffective in fighting those pesky stains!

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Save your carpet, vacuum regularly

Vacuum Carpets Often

How do you keep your Persian silk rug or expensive Kashmiri carpet dust free? Vacuuming once a month like the wise sages of bygone years suggested? Bad idea! If you allow your carpet to collect dust, it will harm the carpets fibers and also be an open invitation to dust mites.  To preserve your carpet it’s best to vacuum it a couple of times per week.

Popular cleaning myths are easy to find and try out but following them could prove costly. We recommend that you research cleaning methods thoroughly before  trying them out at home for the first time.


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