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Keeping a clean house can be a tough job, especially if you have no help and you have to sweep, mop, dust and vacuum all by yourself! One way of making sure that your home is clean without your being drained out is to create a customized cleaning schedule.

Keeping a clean house canbe a tough job, especially if you have no help and you have to sweep, mop,dust and vacuum all by yourself! If you are a working parent then keeping a clean home is even morechallenging. One way of making sure thatyour home is clean  without your being drained out is to createa customized cleaning schedule. 

Listed below are guidelines to create aneasy and effective cleaning schedule.

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Make your own customizedcleaning schedule

Sorting Out Tasks

First drawup a list of all the tasks that you need to perform around the house. Goingfrom room to room will help you identify different tasks. Once you have a list,you need to break the tasks down into daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks.

Daily Tasks

Sweeping/vacuuming,swabbing/mopping, dusting, throwing out the garbage, cleaning the bathroom,washing the dishes, are tasks that you need to perform each day.

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Cleaning the fridge everyweek

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Tasks

Washing clothes, cleaningmirrors and windows, changing hand and body towels, changing the bed sheets,cleaning the fridge, washing out the dustbin are tasks that you can perform once ortwice a week.

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Cleaning all the fanblades monthly

Monthly Tasks

These tasks require yourattention less frequently but need to be done once a month nonetheless. These tasksinclude cleaning light fixtures, fans, vacuuming curtains, beating the carpet,cleaning appliances thoroughly and wiping and dusting high surfaces like water heater tops and the tops of cupboards or tall furniture and windows.

Annual Tasks

These tasks only need be performed once or twice a year. It could be getting the house ready forsummer, winter or the monsoons or even getting the house ready for specialoccasions and festivals. Once a year, inspect all your linen- towels, curtains and bed sheets, to seeif they can be used for another year or need to be replaced.

Setting Aside Time 

Now that you'veidentified the tasks that need to be done in your home, you need to setaside a fixed time to work on these tasks. It could be early morning or late inthe night. Print a list so you can tick off the tasks till you'vecompleted everything on your list. Setting time aside for your tasks will ensurethat you have time to do other things without wasting precious time completing unplanned household chores.

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Stock up on cleaningagents

Keep Cleaning Supplies Ready

You've got yourtasks and set aside the time too, next it's time to make sure you have allyour cleaning implements and products ready. Running out of detergent orgarbage bags in the middle of the week will throw you off your meticulously planned cleaningschedule!

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Make time for other pleasures and hobbies like reading

Once youprioritize your tasks, you'll have more time to spend with your family, catch up on hobbies or go out with friends. The bonus of spending a little time to put a customized cleaning schedule in place is all the time you'll save to enjoy your clean home everyday!


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