5 Tips For A Zen Home

Your home is your own personal sanctuary, and creating a zen like space is more than styling your home right, it’s about creating a place that is beautiful and personal but balanced and serene. Color, texture, pattern and personal style come together to create a peaceful ambience with these tips you are well on your way to a zen home!

Banish Clutter

Piles of paper work, unmade beds, wet towels left lying about by the kids! All of these things are disturbing visually. On some level you will be thinking of getting around to clearing them eventually, like a low level irritant at the back of your mind. A quick tip to stay organized is never to leave a room empty handed, pick up one thing and put it away and your home will get steadily cleared of clutter.

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A clutter free room living room

If you never seem to have enough storage to get everything organized and piles of clothing fall out of every cupboard it may be time to give away a few things that you can do without or have outgrown. Kids toys, under or over sized clothing can find a better home when donated to a shelter.

Embrace Nature

We’ve advocated bringing plants into your home before, but don’t stop there! Embrace all the elements, earth, water, fire and air. Hopefully you’ve already brought in a few plants and connected to the earth! Now leave the windows open to let in fresh air and light, place a bowl of water and float a few flowers or candles in it and scent your home with incense and candles to bring the fire element!

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A room that blends the indoors and the outdoors

Clear Floors 

Keeping your floors clear will make cleaning your home easier and therefore keep it dust free and hygienic. A cleaner home soothes the senses on a subconscious level. Avoid piling things on the floor, keep it clear, aim for furniture that is lifted of the floor and has a clear access below to reach and clean the area thoroughly.

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Most of the furniture in this living room is easy to clean under

Let It Mean Something

Instead of indulging in a multitude of decorative pieces and accents, reduce décor knick knacks to include things that are special to you and have a personal emotional significance and value. Inspire yourself while you walk through your home every day. Cutting down to a few things lets you appreciate the remaining objects even more than having them lost in a collection.

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This neat bedroom has very little decoration

Naturally Uplifting

Letting in any element that is un-tampered, untouched or just as close to nature as possible is a great way to move closer to nature and soothe your senses. The rustic unpolished wood look, natural materials like unbleached cotton and linen are all alternatives to processed and chemically treated versions that are so commonly available and almost the norm these days. Something hand-made versus something machine mad is another option that can be explored for a less manufactured feel touch and fell for your home.

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A muted natural color scheme in a living room

Employ these easy tips to make an effortless transition to a zen like home atmosphere!

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