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Safely clean your home with eco-friendly. Enjoy a fresh scent while protecting both your home and the environment. we have come with an article to make your job ease.

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Green cleaning products are not only non-toxic but also eco-friendly and don't smell like noxious chemicals. They are the best way to clean your house and safeguard the environment at the same time. Talk about two birds and a stone! 

Here are some easy ways to do away with synthetic cleaners and use natural ingredients for a cleaner home on the greenway.  

Tips From Grandma

Remember how our grandmothers insisted that lemon is good for cleaning utensils? Likewise, baking soda to remove dust and grime? Call all the summer vacation lessons to mind because you are now going to use them in your own house. You can also use olive oil to polish wood and sodium bicarbonate as a handy and effective stain remover. 

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Lemon and baking soda as a sanitizer andkitchen cleaning agent       

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products 

Commercially available green alternatives to cleaning products may be a good idea so you don't have to worry about getting the proportions right when you make your own. Natural products may do a good job of cleaning but it involves a tad more scrubbing and scouring before the dirt starts to give away. So don’t be afraid of experimenting with commercially available products which are labeled eco-friendly.

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Green cleaning products are also availablecommercially         

Be Mindful Of What Goes Down The Drain

Use a strainer to prevent food particles, loose hair, or other debris from entering your drains and clogging them. When faced with a clogged drain substitute chemical drain cleaners with a pot of boiling water, and repeat at least once a week to wash out any build-up. You can also try a 1:1 mix of baking powder and white vinegar to clean and sanitize the drainage system. 

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Use hot water to clean the drain instead ofchemicals

Keep Furniture Shining

Clean and polish wooden furniture with a combination of vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil. As a general guideline, a 1:2 ratio works but to be safe do a little online research on the correct proportion for the type of wood/finish and you are ready to make your tables look as good as new! 

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A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can be used to polish wooden surfaces

Don't Forget The Windows

Clean windows with a 4:1 mix of vinegar with water. Newspaper can be used to wipe off the excess solution and your windows will shine spotlessly.

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Cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper

Alternatives For Your Kitchen

To clean the oven apply a paste of baking soda (add a few teaspoons of water to baking soda till you achieve a paste-like consistency), and leave overnight. The next morning you should be able to wipe off the dirt with relative ease, for tricky spots spray on some vinegar and wipe again. The vinegar window cleaning spray with a few drops of lemon essential oil mixed in is a good wipedown option for your countertops too.

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Apply a paste of baking soda to the oven interior and leave overnight 

In The Bathroom 

Use vinegar and baking soda to scrub the toilet bowl and use borax as a tile scrubber. If you have a small bathroom with inadequate ventilation, you need natural cleaners more than ever so you don't breathe in toxic fumes from acids and toilet bowl cleaners.

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Baking soda plus vinegar equal clean drains

These green solutions actually work so you can achieve a guilt-free and toxin-free clean home!



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