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We clean our homes every day, but are they really clean? Chemicals used for everyday cleaning may be toxic, in comparison organic or natural cleaners use fresh and natural ingredients to keep your home clean and smelling like nature.

We clean our homes every day, but are theyreally clean? The chemicals used for cleaning on a daily basis are not only toxicbut also dangerous. Did you know that these chemicals are absorbed into ourskins and we also breathe them while they linger in the air? By comparison organic cleaners use fresh and natural ingredients to keep your home clean andsmelling like nature. 

Why go natural when cleaning? Because it is the new eco-friendly way to keep your home and surroundings in absolute harmony. 

Natural Ingredients

The onething that makes organic cleaning agents so popular is the use of all natural components. Ingredients like lemon oil and citrus peels when added to vinegar can be used to kill odour and keep your house smelling fresh. This spray also has insect repelling properties and is not onlyenvironment friendly but also safe, especially if you have children or pets athome.

How to make a natural citrus cleaner

Additional Precautions For Chemicals

An important reason to avoid using syntheticcleaners is the smell of chemical fumes, breathing in fumes can impact your health adversely especially if you are prone to allergies or breathing problems. Add to this the precautions you have to take while cleaningto avoid accidents that may affect your skin or eyes. Organic cleaning proscribes to safeproducts that should have no adverse effects your health and that of others.        

A Fresh Home, Naturally

Air fresheners sold off the shelf in aerosol cans are terrible for the environment, causing global warming. Other than the environmental impact, there is nothing natural about the fragrance in the can, it is completely synthetic, made in a lab! So don't let the image of a lemon on the can fool you into thinking it has actual lemon in it. Use naturalingredients to make your own home fragrance by simmering 2 oranges, cloves and cinnamon in a liter of water till aromatic, cool and strain into a spray bottle for a natural DIY home fragrance. 

Also, hanging up a garland of fresh herbs, putting out a vase of fresh flowers or even a bowl of seasonal fruit can scent a room.

Article Image
Use of organic fragrances to create a naturalair freshener

Save Money

Using natural, un-processed ingredients not only saves money but also protects the environment. Most natural cleaningagents like vinegar and lemon are readily available in your kitchen so no need to spend anextra penny!

Article Image
Ingredientsfrom the kitchen that can also be used for cleaning         

Know Your Cleaning Products

Government regulations do not make it not mandatory to list the contents of chemical cleaners on the label. You maynot even know the toxins you're bringing home. Opt for green cleaning which is not only home and community friendly but do not pollute ground water and local water bodies even if you pour them down the drain.

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Nameless ingredients in your ‘cleaning’products


Let The Kids Help

You can make the kids work towards keeping their bedroomsand bathrooms clean without any fear of a chemical accident when using natural cleaners. This will encourage good habits while you rest assured that the kids are safe.    

Give back to nature, go green today!



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