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Explore eco-friendly alternatives to chemical mosquito repellents. Discover natural methods to effectively repel mosquitoes and ensure a safer environment.

The monsoons are finally here and accompanyingthem are armies and armies of mosquitoes. While the markets are now floodedwith different types of mosquito repellents, sprays, lotions and coils onecan’t help but wonder how safe these products are. If you are looking fornatural ways of getting rid of these disease carrying pests here are a fewenvironmentally friendly suggestions for you to try at home.

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Citronella candles keepmosquitoes at bay

TheMagic Of Citronella

Citronella oil is made from the leaves andstems of lemon grass. Studies have revealed that citronella oil is highlyeffective as an insect repellent. Though it doesn’t kill mosquitoes it repelsthem and does it in a very safe and non-toxic way. You can buy citronellacandles or even make them yourself and use them in your home.  The aroma from the candles will keepmosquitoes away.

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Buy an anti-mosquito plant like lavender for yourhome 

MosquitoRepellent Plants

A few plants that act as mosquitorepellents are lemon balm, marigold, catnip, feverfew and lavender.  Whether you are a plant lover or not having afew of these plants will not just get rid of the mosquitoes but will alsobeautify your balcony.

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Lavender Vinegar spary works like a charmfor keeping mosquitoes out

LovelyLavender And Vicious Vinegar

Who would have thought the soothing aromaof lavender oil would drive the mosquito crazy? And mixed with the pungentaroma of vinegar it makes a deadly combination quite literally and keepsmosquitos out of your way. To use this mix soak ribbons and tie them tocurtains, balconies and furniture.

To make the lavender flower and whitevinegar bug repellent you need to take off the lavender petals and add them toan empty plant sprayer. Fill the plant sprayer with vinegar. Set aside thismixture for two weeks and shake it daily. After two weeks strain the mixturethrough a fine strainer or muslin cloth and store in the plant sprayer. Yourhomemade bug spray is ready for use.

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Marigolds are mosquito repelling plants

OilBased Homemade Bug Spray/Repellent For You

For the oil based bug repellent you need todo is add a few oils to a bottle and mix them thoroughly, your repellent isready whenever you spot a batch of pesky mosquitoes coming your way.

Making your own bug spray is easy and awhole lot of fun. You can make an oil based bug repellent with citronella oil (15ml), lavender oil (7 ml), sweet almond oil (475 ml), tea tree oil (3.6 ml) andpennyroyal oil (3.6 ml).

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The wonder of garlic

Garlic - Your New Best Friend

Mosquitoes hate the aroma of garlic.Studies have revealed that when you eat garlic your pores releases a garlic-ysmell altering your natural scent. If you can’t ingest the highly beneficialbut pungent tasting garlic then you can rub a little raw garlic on your skin tochase the mosquitoes away.

Once you get rid of mosquitoes you can sit back and enjoy the rains with the added plus of toxin free air in your home!



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