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How much do water tank cleaners charge?

On an average, water tank cleaning costs ₹1000.0. However, water tank cleaning price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, water tank cleaners generally charge between ₹500.0 and ₹800.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹2000.0 to ₹4000.0.

Average cost


Trivandrum Average Range

₹800.0 - ₹2000.0
Trivandrum average cost ₹1000.0
Low-end cost range ₹500.0 - ₹800.0
High-end cost range ₹2000.0 - ₹4000.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning services, as the name suggests, are all about cleaning your water tanks. Water tanks, often placed on rooftops or underground, can accumulate dirt, algae, and harmful bacteria over time. This can lead to contaminated water which is unfit for use. Regular cleaning ensures clean, safe water for your household or business needs.

Why Regular Water Tank Cleaning Is Important

Regular cleaning of your water tank is not just about maintaining hygiene but also about ensuring the health and safety of those who use the water. Over time, residue, bacteria, and algae can build up in your tank, leading to water contamination. This can cause a variety of health issues. Regular cleaning helps to prevent these problems, ensuring the water you use is clean and safe.

Understanding the Different Types of Water Tanks

Water tanks come in different types. There are overhead tanks usually found on rooftops and underground tanks that are buried in the ground. Sintex tanks are popular plastic tanks, and you may also find concrete and steel tanks. The cleaning process can vary slightly depending on the type of tank, and professional cleaners are equipped to handle all types.

All About Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services

Professional water tank cleaning services provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for your water tanks. This typically includes draining the tank, scrubbing and vacuuming the inside surfaces, removing any sediment, and disinfecting the tank. Professional cleaners are trained and equipped with the right tools to efficiently and thoroughly clean your tank.

The Water Tank Cleaning Process

Heres a simple breakdown of the tank cleaning process:

  • Draining: The tank is emptied, with all the water being properly drained.
  • Scrubbing: The insides of the tank, including walls and floor, are thoroughly scrubbed to remove algae, dirt, and sediments.
  • High-pressure wash: High-pressure wash is then applied to remove the stubborn contaminants.
  • Vacuuming: A special industrial vacuum cleaner is used to suck up all the contaminants and sludge.
  • Disinfection: Lastly, the tank is disinfected using safe, approved substances to kill any remaining bacteria or algae.

Why Choose Professional Services?

Choosing a professional cleaning service ensures your tank is cleaned thoroughly and safely. Professionals have the necessary training and tools to perform the task efficiently. They can also identify and inform you about any issues with the tank that need attention.

Finding Reliable Water Tank Cleaners

Finding a reliable water tank cleaner near you can be as simple as a search online for "water tank cleaning service" or "water tank cleaner near me". Look for services that have good reviews and a solid reputation. HomeTriangle offers reliable and affordable water tank cleaning services, providing professional and efficient cleaners to help maintain your water tanks.

What to Expect from a Professional Water Tank Cleaning Service?

Professional water tank cleaning services typically offer comprehensive cleaning that includes draining, scrubbing, vacuuming, and disinfecting your water tank. They also provide their own equipment and cleaning supplies. You can expect them to work efficiently and leave your tank clean and safe for use.

Regular water tank cleaning is crucial to ensure clean and safe water for your household or business. Don’t wait until its too late; schedule regular cleaning with reliable professionals. Choose HomeTriangle for your water tank cleaning services. With us, you get professional, thorough, and reliable services tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts suggest that you should clean your water tanks once every 3 or 4 months depending on your water tank cleanliness.
A water tank cleaning service starts from Rs 699 but varies depending on the capacity and the number of water tanks that have to be cleaned.
Yes, we provide both sump and water tank cleaning services. But we have listed sump cleaning separately.
It takes from 2 to 4 hours depending on the capacity, number, and condition of your tank.
Without proper maintenance, a lot of dirt will get accumulated in your tank over time. This will promote the growth of algae and other micro-organisms which are bad for your health. To ensure that it does not happen, regular cleaning of water tanks is very much advised.

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