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If your water purifier is on the fritz the one thing you need ASAP is a water purifier repair service that will remedy the situation quickly. Tap water may contain both biological and chemical contaminants, which can pose a health risk, so unless your water purifier is fixed soon you will be dependent on expensive bottled water if you value your health.

When in need of a reliable water purifier repair service, ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations for a reliable water purifier repair service they may have used in the past. The internet is also an invaluable resource when researching water purifier repair services, providing quick and easy access to information like water purifier repair service listings, reviews and customer care helpline numbers. 

The next step is to call a few water purifier repair services and describe the nature of your problem, for instance is your water purifier not switching on or is there no water flow even though the purifier is on. It is also important to mention the brand and model number of your water purifier at this time and inquire if the service will provide genuine spare parts for the water purifier that you own. Only if the answer is in the affirmative, ask for a technician from the water purifier repair service to schedule a visit to your home at a mutually agreed on time. It goes without saying that a water purifier repair service that does not use original, branded spare parts is best avoided even if it it is significantly cheaper than another service.

When the technician from the water purifier repair service visits your home, describe the issue with the water purifier again and demonstrate the problem if possible, for instance explain that even though the purifier is on the water is not flowing, then ask the water purifier repair service technician to examine the water purifier and provide his opinion on the repair required and the spare parts needed to complete it, as well as the costs. 
At this stage it is often best to weigh the costs of repairing an old water purifier versus replacing it. As a thumb rule, it is better to replace any appliance if the cost of repairing it is higher than 50 percent of the cost of a new appliance since an appliance that is starting to malfunction may do so again, especially if it is more than a few years old.

If you are satisfied with the explanation and price stated by the water purifier repair service technician and decide to go ahead and repair your water purifier, do remember to ask for a service warranty and any annual maintenance packages that the water purifier repair service may offer. Professional water purifier repair services will provide a written guarantee on the repair service as well as the parts replaced applicable for a limited period of time after the completion of the repair to put your mind at ease. 

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