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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you repair washing machines during the warranty period?

Yes. But, its always better to get the service done at the manufacturer’s warranty. If the repair isn’t covered under your warranty, it’s best to go ahead with our professionals.

2. My washing machine is very noisy, especially on a spin.

This is normally due to wear and tear of your washing machine and in many front loaders, you should have this problem looked at immediately. Noisy washing machines are usually caused by damage to the drum bearing due to wear and tear, overuse or constant overloading. This problem can be rectified at a reasonable cost generally if serviced so after the noise begins. This is a repair that requires mechanical know-how and should be performed by an experienced technician. Call us for a quick and easy diagnosis.

3. My washing machine is not draining/spinning.

This is the most common problem with both top loading and front loading washing machines. It is normally due to a blockage caused by a foreign object lodged inside the drain pump. Many front-loading washing machines and some top-loading washing machines have an access panel into the pump chamber in which you can check for these blockages and clean out particles inside. If you locate this chamber and your machine has water inside, this water will come gushing out as soon as you open this chamber. Make sure you call HomeTriangle for a professional repair and guaranteed service.

4. How do you decide the charges for repair?

The charges are calculated based on the nature of the service and the skills required for completing the repair work.

5. Will you repair my washing machine at my place or at the service station?

It depends on the problem. If the problem is minor and the repair is possible at your place, it will be done there itself, otherwise, it’ll be taken to the service station.

6. Are the spare parts being used genuine?

Most of the washing machine repair centres use only genuine parts procured from the brand itself.

7. In which locations of vijaywada can I hire washing machine repair services?

The reputed technicians in vijaywada provide reliable washing machine repair services in all the localities of vijaywada.

Do you provide Whirlpool washing machine service in vijaywada?

Our professionals teams cover all brands of washing machine service like LG, Whirlpool, Bosch washing machine servicing.

All About Washing Machine Services

Washing machines make our daily life so much easier, but when misused accidentally, they can break. If there’s something wrong with your washing machine, it’s essential to switch it off immediately and call in an expert. An experienced technician will check over your machine to diagnose and repair any faults. They’ll look at details like whether your washing machine is stopping mid-cycle, whether it’s draining correctly, and whether it’s spinning normally. Then they’ll recommend the best course of action to repair your machine.

Washing Machine Repair in vijaywada from HomeTriangle is the most convenient way to get your washing machine serviced and repaired without having to step out of your house. We offer washing machine service vijaywada for brands like Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB, Bosch, LG, and Samsung. You can just select the professional of your choice from the various experts listed on HomeTriangle, based on their ratings and reviews. Book Washing Machine Repair in vijaywada and experience hassle-free service. 

Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines
Has your Front Load or Top Load Washing Machine broken down? Looking for reliable service then, search no further, We are the ideal partner for you to get on-time service for any front load and top load washing machines in any place of vijaywada.  Just call our service centre number, customer care support team will arrange the technician right back.
Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
With us repairing or service of your Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines of all brands should be an easy and reasonably priced process. Just call our service centre number we will repair your machine in a timely manner wherever we are needed in vijaywada.

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