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Top 3 honeybee exterminators in Warangal

 Trinity Pest Control Service

Trinity Pest Control Service




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National Pest Control Services- Warangal

National Pest Control Services- Warangal




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Vision pest control service

Vision pest control service




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How much do honeybee exterminators charge?

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How much honeybee exterminators in Warangal cost?

899 - ₹899

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On an average, honeybee/beehive control costs ₹999. However, honeybee/beehive control price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, honeybee exterminators generally charge between ₹599 and ₹899, and the higher end prices can range from ₹1299 to ₹2099.




899 - ₹1299

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National average cost


Low-end cost range

599 - ₹899

High-end cost range

1299 - ₹2099

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best honey bee pest control service near me?

HomeTriangle has an extensive database of honey bee pest control service providers all over Bangalore who are certified, trained, and experienced.

Why should I hire a professional for honeybee removal?

Honeybee removal can be dangerous and should be handled by trained professionals. They know how to remove the bees safely without causing harm to them or to people.

What methods do you use for honeybee removal?

We use eco-friendly and non-lethal methods to remove honeybees, prioritizing their preservation due to their crucial role in the ecosystem.

How quickly can you respond to a honeybee removal request?

We strive to respond as quickly as possible, typically within 1 - 2 hours. However, response times can vary based on demand and availability.

Do you guarantee the bees won't return?

While we aim to prevent bees from returning, we cannot guarantee this as bees are attracted to certain scents and conditions. We can provide advice on prevention strategies.

Is honeybee removal safe for my children and pets?

Yes, our professionals are trained to perform honeybee removal safely and with minimal disruption. However, we advise keeping children and pets away from the area during the removal process.

What do you do with the bees after removal?

Our priority is to protect the bees. We usually relocate them to a safer environment away from residential areas, often partnering with local beekeepers.

Do I need to prepare anything before your arrival?

Generally, no special preparation is needed. We do recommend keeping the area clear and informing us of any allergies or other health concerns prior to our arrival.

All About Honeybee/Beehive Control

Honey bees are arguably the most popular and important insects on the plant. If it weren’t for bees, many plants would disappear off the face of the earth. Clearly, they are the single biggest pollinators due to their flight and food gathering behavior. Bees can create a hive or swarm with 100 bees or well over 50000 bees. 

What makes them so dangerous?

Bees are not very dangerous if left alone. But if provoked, they can be quiet deadly during an attack. 3 or more bee stings can cause even death, especially for infants, elderly and people who are allergic to bee venom. Unless provoked, bees are peaceful insects. Trying to get rid of them without the proper training and necessary tools might look like an attack to the bees and they will get probably attack you in self-defense.

How to get rid of the bees?

• Since they play a very important role in the ecosystem, eliminating the colony without killing the bees is very much desired. Our certified and experienced professional beekeepers are trained to do the same without chemicals and in an eco-friendly way by minimizing the risk associated with it.

• However, if the hive is active and aggressive, fog treatment may be applied as a last resort to ensure the safety of the professionals as well as the inhabitants of the place.

• Honeybee control or treatment is best done during the night when the bees are comparatively less active.

• Along with getting rid of the bees from your premises, ensuring that beehives are not set in the future is also important. 

Benefits of Choosing HomeTriangle - 

HomeTriangle has partnered with the best honey bee pest control service providers in warangal to ensure you get the service you very much deserve. The benefits of choosing HomeTriangle services include: 

•. Certified, trained and experienced professionals

•. Quality service

•. Convenient booking. 

•. Affordable and reliable service providers.

•. Dedicated customer support.

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