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How much do termite exterminators charge?

On an average, termite control treatment costs ₹3999.0. However, termite control treatment price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, termite exterminators generally charge between ₹2499.0 and ₹2799.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹6999.0 to ₹9999.0.

Average cost


Chennai Average Range

₹2799.0 - ₹6999.0
Chennai average cost ₹3999.0
Low-end cost range ₹2499.0 - ₹2799.0
High-end cost range ₹6999.0 - ₹9999.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Termite Control Treatment

Best Termite Control Services

Have you discovered termites eating away at your precious furniture? Is that bugging you? Then, it is time to exterminate these termites with the best termite control services in Chennai. You may ask, what attracts termites? Termites love to expand their colony in an environment with moisture, darkness, and nourishment. They feed on all kinds of wood if the items at your house are not adequately treated. They invade homes from the ground. So, leaving termites untreated within your home can cost substantial damage to wooden fixtures, wooden flooring and structural items in your home. Before the problem gets serious, you must get rid of these troublesome house pests.

Remember, all homes can provide cellulose food for termite infestation. And there are different kinds of termites. The subterranean species thrive on moisture and build a nest in the soil. They often make their way to structures like homes and buildings. So, it is impossible to deal with termites on your own as it is stressful and tiring. Hence, you need a team of experts and the best termite control in Chennai.  

If you are looking for the best termite control services in Chennai, then Hometriangle is the right choice. Our platform offers professional services that include detecting and eradicating termites in different places. Our termite control treatment service partners know what exactly needs to be done. As the experts are well experienced in this field, they are efficient enough to take care of your pest problem with ease.

Benefit Of Hiring Professional Termite Control Services In Chennai

There are many benefits of hiring professional pest control services for your property. In addition to being cost-effective, these professionals are trained to safely handle chemicals. Hiring a professional is essential because they are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to completely rid your property of pests and prevent infestations in the future. 

For an affordable price, you can hire a professional pest control service in Chennai. These professionals will come to your home at the time of your booking. In addition to providing quality services, these companies are licensed and insured. These trained professionals specialize in various types of pest control services and are experienced in providing eco-friendly solutions. 

They use only organic and non-toxic methods that do not harm the environment or humans. Using this technique allows you to save time and money because you dont have to purchase chemicals. These professionals also have a solid track record in the field, which means youll be getting a quality service that wont put you at risk. A professional termite control service can inspect your home and identify infestation problems. These services use thermal technology to detect termite activity and will know where to spray and avoid. In addition, they will use safe chemicals.

Schedule A Visit For Termite Control Services

If you are thinking of scheduling a visit for termite control, youve come to the right place. HomeTriangle offers facilitations to professional pest control services and is dedicated to keeping your property safe from any kind of infestation. Whether youre looking for services for ants, bed bugs, or mice, HomeTriangle has listed with them a team of expert exterminators who are trained in eco-friendly methods to help loosen pests grips. They also use eco-friendly products to keep people and the environment safe.

HomeTriangle helps homeowners find verified professionals who offer high-quality services at affordable prices. Our database is extensive, and we do offer packages for the convenience of our customers. Additionally, there are discounts for home services, which are ideal for homeowners. Customers can also choose a package that suits their needs. Plus, our portal also helps homeowners save time by eliminating the hassles of searching for home service professionals from multiple vendors.

Why Choose Hometriangle Find the Termite Control Services in Chennai?

Whether it is your home or wooden furniture, our team of professionals kills termites with eco-friendly chemicals in the market. Our unique termite control treatment services in Chennai are safe and highly effective. In our treatment control, the wooden or structural items are inspected thoroughly and injected with chemicals. The chemicals used do not damage wooden items as they have wood preservatives. 

With Hometriangles termite control partners, you will get: 

  • Experienced and trained experts
  • Usage of eco-friendly chemicals
  • Necessary cleanup after the completion of the job
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

If you notice any sign of termites, then prevent your property and furniture from termite invaders with the help of the Hometriangle. Book the best termite control in Chennai and hire an expert through Hometriangle. Enjoy blissful sleep free of pests! Talk to our professionals today!

HomeTriangle is a marketplace for finding the companies providing home services in India. It is a lifetime membership service and homeowners can find the best quality and affordable service providers in their locality. Homeowners can easily compare the prices, services, and reviews of verified professionals. After choosing a professional, the homeowner can easily negotiate the final price and obtain a written contract. The price of service providers is also listed on our portal, making the process smooth and trouble-free and also providing termite control in Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different termite control methods that you use?

There are four different methods that we use depending on the severity of infestation. They are as follows:

  • Liquid termite control
  • Termite bait traps
  • Wood treatment
  • Fumigation

2. What are the advantages of using termite control services in Chennai?

Termite control in Chennai is effortless.

  • Kills termites
  • Safe treatment services
  • Protects infested woodwork
  • Protects from future termite invasion

3. There are DIY (Do It Yourself) measures to combat the termite attack. Why should I hire a professional?

Termites can hide and thrive in your home. They are a constant threat to your home. So, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. As professionals carry out a thorough inspection of your home, it will be helpful to assess the severity of infestation. Thereby, professionals can come up with the best plan for termite control for these unwelcome home invaders. Early detection prevents the termites from thriving in your home.

4. How to choose your termite control professionals in Chennai?

Spotting infestations is a critical job for a professional. A competent professional should be able to answer all your queries related to termite control, health and safety concerns. Certifications and affiliated associations will ensure that termite control services in Chennai are provided by a trained professional. Customer reviews play a crucial role in finding out about customer satisfaction.

5. How to keep your home termite-free?

It is essential to prevent moisture conditions around your home. Look for any leakages such as water pipes and air conditioning units to prevent luring termites from entering your home. Use the right wood polish. Keep the wood items safely away from moisture and dispose of if not needed.

6. Why should I use the HomeTriangle service?

With the Hometriangle platform, our termite control partners ensure complete removal of termites. Our expertise in this field reassures you of the quality of service and trained professionals. We use industry-proven termite control techniques while combating termites and create a customized treatment plan tailored for your home.

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