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On an average, termite control treatment costs ₹3999.0. However, termite control treatment price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, exterminator generally charge between ₹2499.0 and ₹2799.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹6999.0 to ₹9999.0.

Average cost


National Average Range

₹2799.0 - ₹6999.0
National average cost ₹3999.0
Low-end cost range ₹2499.0 - ₹2799.0
High-end cost range ₹6999.0 - ₹9999.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

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    “All technicians are very cordial. Did very good job. But time will verify their jobs. Done termite control service from them at reasonable price. Gave one year inspection and warranty. It would better if they provide a clearer person next day. Cleaning after the work is huge because everything in the house is a mess. Gave five star for their fantastic behaviour and punctuality right now. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I be concerned about termites?

Termites feed on wood. From beds to tables and walls, if neglected you could be dealing with a lot of damaged properties.

2. What are the different types of termite control methods that you use?

Depending on the severity of the infestation, our experts will decide on one of the four methods available.

  • Liquid termite control.
  • Termite bait traps.
  • Wood treatment.
  • Fumigation.

3. Is hiring a professional necessary for termites?

Even though you have a ton of information available on the internet about DIY methods, the training, and experience of a professional. Termites can hide and thrive unseen. They are always a constant threat. A professional will thoroughly inspect your home and asses the condition before choosing the method required for your home. Early detection can prevent termites from thriving in your home.

4. How do I defend my home from termites?

Ensure that there are no moisture conditions for termites to thrive in your home. Choose the right wood polish and you can control termite infestation to a certain limit. If there are wood items that are not immediately needed, discard them or store them away.

5. What are the benefits of using HomeTriangle services?

Our termite control partners ensure complete removal of termites. Our experienced and trained professionals use industry-proven termite control techniques plan hand-crafted for you.

All About Termite Control Treatment

Termites are the biggest threat to your precious furniture. Have you ever discovered little holes in your furniture? Then it is high time to properly exterminate these termites with the best termite control services in your location. Termites are attracted to any environment with moisture, darkness, and nourishment. Their favorite food is wood and can absolutely destroy your homes if proper measures are not taken. Leaving termites unchecked can cause substantial damage to wooden fixtures, wooden flooring, and structural items in your home. Take action against this pest before it is too late.

Termites can get cellulose food from all homes. With the different kinds of termites, it is a headache to take care of the infestation on your own. The subterranean species thrive on moisture and build a nest in the soil. Once they find their way to your home, then it is virtually impossible to get rid of them, and you will probably need the best professional termite control experts in your location. 

Once termite is detected in your compound you should hire a termite treatment service in India to get free of termites. We at Termites Control Service have an association with well-experienced pest control companies and experts in India who are well trained in termite wood treatment in India.

There are certain points to take care of once termite pest control services have been done like maintaining proper cleanliness in the house, keeping away all unwanted clothes and wooden things from home, wooden articles should not be in contact with soil, etc.

If termites are troubling you and you want to get rid of them, HomeTriangle is the right solution. We have partnered with the best professionals in your location that are trained and experienced in detecting and eradicating termites from your homes. With years of experience and proper training, our professionals know exactly where to look and how to get rid of them effectively and easily. 

Benefits of Choosing HomeTriangle for Termite Treatment

Our professionals will detect and eradicate termites from your homes and wooden furniture with eco-friendly and certified chemicals in the market. We make sure our treatment services are safe and effective. Wooden and structural items are inspected and chemicals are injected if even a slight infestation is detected during our treatment control. The chemicals have wood preservatives that do not damage wooden items.

HomeTriangle partners are experienced and trained. They will clean up after they complete the job if and when necessary. We have dedicated customer support to make sure you are satisfied. 

Pre-Construction anti termite treatment near me is quite an effective method to get rid of termites without further damage to wooden items like doors, windows, wardrobes, beds etc.

With the slightest sign of termites, prevent damage to your furniture and property with the help of HomeTriangle. Book the best termite control in your location and hire experts to keep your home free of pests through HomeTriangle.

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