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Delhi - 110053
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We are Unique Gas Services, Home Appliances Repair Firms Firms in Delhi. We are into service from almost 18 years having a very rich experience in this field. We know exactly what customer wants and how to cater to it. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services through Hometriangle.


  • 835 home services completed
  • 287 reviews: 96% Positive
  • 18 Years in business
  • Fully-vetted and Verified


287 customer reviews
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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. V


    “Home triangle connected me to a service provider. The person came and overcharged. I am asking for a bill from last two days. They have stopped picking up the call. They have charged 2000 rs for changing a part in a stove. This is not acceptable and really bad on part of hometriangle to provide such vendors to customer. Don't use their contacts.”

    Jan, 27 2023 |  Gas Stove Service

  2. B


    Jan, 21 2023 | 

  3. A


    “I had one of the worst days when I walked into our kitchen to find my gas stove broken. I called Unique Gas Services and they sent someone out within an hour. They not only fixed the stove, but also did a full safety check of the entire gas line in my house. A few days later we had an issue with our water heater and they came back to help us again. I can't recommend Unique Gas Services enough!”

    Jan, 05 2023 | 

  4. R


    “The contact number provided here, does not connect. ”

    Dec, 25 2022 |  Gas Stove Service

  5. A


    Nov, 05 2022 | 

  6. R


    “Ek had k badtamij log the, bolne ki tamij nai thi. Gas chulha thik krne ki bjay aur kharab kr gye”

    Oct, 20 2022 |  Gas Stove Service

  7. A

    “Phone number not in use”

    Aug, 09 2022 |  Gas Stove Service

  8. D


    Aug, 10 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  9. R


    “The technician charged very high cost for spares and did not provide any receipt. I paid Rs.7200 for the repairs while the price of the new stove itself was Rs.7000 when I bought.”

    Aug, 10 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  10. p


    Jul, 11 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  11. J


    “Components replaced not shown in original package, not shown even to verify if new. Prices not shown, not verifiable. Impression is that arbitrary prices charged. No transparency in delaung. No invoice /receipts given.”

    Jun, 14 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  12. 9


    “Very rude behaviour...”

    Jun, 14 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  13. S


    “Very costly spares. They are over charging.”

    May, 10 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  14. s


    “Spare parts are costly. Bill is not provided.Please ensure bill.”

    Apr, 21 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

  15. s


    Apr, 20 2021 |  Gas Stove Service

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