The Eliminators

#78, Business Park, Old Name BMC Market Building, Station Road , Bhandup
Mumbai - 400078
Housekeeping Firms, Mumbai


We are The Eliminators, Housekeeping Firms Firms in Mumbai. We are into service from almost 16 years having a very rich experience in this field. We know exactly what customer wants and how to cater to it. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services through Hometriangle.


  • 1773 home services completed
  • 41 reviews: 87% Positive
  • 16 Years in business
  • Fully-vetted and Verified


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41 customer reviews
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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. T


    Oct, 09 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  2. A


    Aug, 14 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  3. S


    Aug, 13 2023 |  Kitchen Cleaning

  4. M


    “Good and satisfactory work.”

    Jul, 29 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  5. S


    May, 31 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  6. K


    “To the owner, please understand for you 200/- may be not a big amount but for others it is. So next time try be little professional and sweet while speaking to the customers rather than being rude and sarcastic if you really want to be successful and grow your business. ”

    May, 09 2023 |  Office Cleaning

  7. V


    “They r very irresponsible first they r quoting price then keeping on hold sending team but no response from their since two days no phone calls nothing very rediculous..very unprofessional ”

    May, 05 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  8. e


    “Well I want to add this, This was the biggest mistake I did. I wanted to go for proper big company services as you know we can atleast complaint them and they take time but they give proper solution but here. I checked the reviews and all were good but one review was bad so I asked the person so he assured me but firstly- They were not on time.I gave time of 9 30- 10 AM and they reached at 10 45 AM. at 9 45 Am they were asking me the address and were preparing to come from Kandiwali East to West. And then I took the Deep Cleaning Plan but I think they should train their staff for the same as they dont know the meaning of Deep Cleaning. Owner asssured me of 70-80 percent cleaning but once they left I myself had to clean the stains , dust , grease from walls, furniture, upholstery myself. Only supervisor was somewhat working but other two were only passing time. They asked for price and I gave them but but but ...really they didn't worked upon our expectations, may be this might work for bachelors but still they also expect good cleaning , In double bed storage there was spider roaming , spider webs, dust it was when the bed was empty. highly highly highly dissapointed with the work they did.Save your money. Go for proper company services atleast you know when you complain them they give you the solution. These people also did.. but what was the use of time waste again .We shifted already now so what is the use of cleaning then... Please save your money and time or else clean yourself.”

    Apr, 15 2023 |  Deep House Cleaning

  9. A


    Jan, 23 2023 | 

  10. J


    Jan, 02 2023 | 

  11. R


    Dec, 06 2022 |  Deep House Cleaning

  12. S


    Nov, 02 2022 | 

  13. M


    “Service was below average. Technicians were lazy and always in hurry. Areas were not cleaned properly despite asking again and again and some parts were left uncleaned completely. Complete non-professional cleaners and service . . Will not recommend your services to anyone”

    Sep, 26 2022 |  Deep House Cleaning

  14. A


    Aug, 21 2022 |  Deep House Cleaning

  15. c


    “On time service... But was in to hurry to finish work.. and had left kitchen work incomplete little bit... Other than all good ”

    Mar, 21 2022 |  House Cleaning

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