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Wedding Photography Event by Sha N Sha Eventz

Chennai | ₹25000.0

Work photos by Sha N Sha Eventz

Chennai | ₹0.0

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    Dec, 18 2022 | 

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    “They are the absolute best wedding planners in the whole city! ”

    Nov, 25 2022 | 

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    “I recently got married and hired Sha N Sha Eventz. I had high expectations for them but they exceeded my expectations. Their team is so easy to work with, they have a wide range of options and their prices are competitive too! I am glad we went with them.”

    Aug, 09 2022 | 

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    “I had my party at Sha N Sha Eventz and everything was perfect! They were professional, the food was good, the drinks were good, and the service was great. It was a very affordable price as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a party venue!”

    Jul, 13 2022 |