We are Max Pest Control Services, Pest Control Firms Firms in Bangalore. We are into service from almost 20 years having a very rich experience in this field. We know exactly what customer wants and how to cater to it. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services through Hometriangle.


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375 customer reviews
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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. V


    “Prompt, efficient, service ”

    Jan, 11 2024 | 

  2. A


    Oct, 03 2023 | 

  3. A


    “Worst kimd of pest control service provider. They had given the gurantee that the insects would not be coming for the next 6-7 .onths. However, the effect of their pesticide lasted for only about 18-20 hours. Upon contacting them again and informing them about the issue, they act as if they did a favour on us for cleaning the pests and post that they stoppes responding to the calls. Highly unprofessional behavior from these guys. Would never recommend them to anyone.”

    Aug, 01 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  4. N


    “Terrible service, had gotten a rodent pest service done yesterday. The executive cared less about investigating or finding the rodent than getting paid. Didn't do a thorough job, now that the rodent has been found, refuses to come back and finish the work to completion. Customer priority goes down once the transaction is complete I guess. Gave me a 90 day warranty and refused to come the next day to finish a job badly done.”

    Jul, 05 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  5. M


    “Service is not good and also not given bill and warrenty card and after that no one pick the call.. mobile is switched off......and after pest control cockroch is coming........so my side service is not good and work not done properly...”

    May, 11 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  6. P


    “Was not aaat all satisfied paid for 12 months and just after 3 days cockroaches started popping ”

    Apr, 16 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  7. U


    Mar, 19 2023 |  Honeybee/Beehive Control

  8. S


    “Did not do the work properly. Incomplete. Asking us to remove the left over bee hive ourselves. More than 50 % bee hive remained. Terribly frustrated and disappointed with their unprofessionalism. ”

    Jan, 19 2023 |  Honeybee/Beehive Control

  9. A


    Jan, 14 2023 | 

  10. S


    “superb service ”

    Jan, 09 2023 | 

  11. P


    “There was no effect of your pesticides. I took your service and i was told that there will be warranty of 3 months. But within 4-5 days, cockroaches started coming. You sent the person after i requested you. But again the cockroaches are coming. Not even 1 month over. ”

    Dec, 03 2022 |  Pest Control Services

  12. c


    “After pest control coach-roach are still in house. West of money”

    Nov, 13 2022 |  Cockroach Control Treatment

  13. M


    “superb service ”

    Nov, 10 2022 | 

  14. A

    Sep, 06 2022 |  Pest Control Services

  15. S


    May, 20 2022 |  Pest Control Services

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