Gangaram Service

No 24/218, Pasupathi lane ,Gandhi Road, Velachery
Chennai - 600042
Home Appliances Repair Firms, Chennai


We are Gangaram Service , Home Appliances Repair Firms Firms in Chennai. We are into service from almost 13 years having a very rich experience in this field. We know exactly what customer wants and how to cater to it. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services through Hometriangle.


  • 1130 home services completed
  • 14 reviews: 78% Positive
  • 13 Years in business
  • Fully-vetted and Verified

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14 customer reviews
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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. M


    Jul, 10 2023 |  AC Services

  2. S


    “Charges much and AC went into fault next day. When consulted with other technicians,he wantedly leaked gas to have us use those services. Please block him to ensure your company is reputed. Contact num of the fraud AC service guy: 9884932274”

    Jun, 10 2023 |  AC Services

  3. J


    “Horrible experience calling the technician about this concern. Incomplete work, and when we called and said the problem hadn't been resolved, the technician replied in a lethargic manner. They charged us more for a simple service and took more and more time to resolve our concern.”

    Jun, 05 2023 |  AC Services

  4. H


    “If you are looking for Worst service in chennai, you can get it done from these people.....the boys that will come are highly unprofessional and will charge hefty amount. I got my ac serviced on sunday i.e. 23.04.23 and the ac stopped working on 26.04.23, those people filled gas in it and it didn't run for even 3 days. When i called them again the owner gangaram visited my house and he was not talking he was yelling later on started telling that there is some other problem in the ac even though the person accompanying him told that we have checked the ac thoroughly during service and there was no problem. The owner was very much rude. Since they have already taken money, they didn't bother to resolve the problem faced by me and told me that they will come back some other time. I was so upset i just asked them to leave. This was one part, another one is if you have ladies at your home don't call these people at all. The way they look at ladies it will make the ladies feel very uncomfortable.....worst service i have ever seen”

    Apr, 28 2023 |  AC Services

  5. V


    “best service ”

    Feb, 27 2023 | 

  6. L


    “Affordable pricing and excellent AC service. ”

    Feb, 27 2023 | 

  7. R


    Feb, 17 2023 | 

  8. B


    “"I had a great experience with this company's AC installation service. The technicians were knowledgeable and efficient." ”

    Feb, 17 2023 | 

  9. V


    “The AC service was fast and efficient, leaving my system running perfectly and my home cooler and more comfortable.”

    Feb, 01 2023 | 

  10. P


    Dec, 16 2022 | 

  11. M



    Oct, 23 2022 |  AC Services

  12. R


    Oct, 12 2022 | 

  13. K


    “But Still the AC is showing CL error code to clean the filter. ”

    Mar, 11 2022 |  AC Services

  14. G


    Feb, 12 2022 |  AC Services

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