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We are Aashutosh Pest Control, Pest Control Firms Firms in Mumbai. We are into service from almost 7 years having a very rich experience in this field. We know exactly what customer wants and how to cater to it. We are extremely happy to provide you exquisite services through Hometriangle.


  • 834 home services completed
  • 241 reviews: 95% Positive
  • 7 Years in business
  • Fully-vetted and Verified


241 customer reviews
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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. Y



    Sep, 27 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  2. M


    “i am calling Rahul surav yadav to send someone every single day to come and do the gel service for cockroachs since i took the service in march which was after 15days , but now its may and i am still calling, very unprofessional, think twice before taking there service , very disappointed ”

    May, 13 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  3. M


    “They're cheats. Do not use them ”

    Apr, 16 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  4. M


    “They're a bunch of cheats. I booked them to get rid of red ants from my kitchen. They charged me 999. I was alright with the price as I was despirate to get my kitchen infested with ants to be treated immediately. Cut to the next day, the ants were still there. Now I'm trying to call them and send them messages about my situation. At first I thought they might be busy ”

    Apr, 16 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  5. S


    “Worst service, no response , fake pest control team, they even not bothered to receive call and understand the issue , full payment done for yearly AMC contract. But no fake identity, I would request hoemtriangle to blacklist from panel and portal , ”

    Mar, 14 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  6. S


    “Done incomplete work and not attending my call”

    Mar, 09 2023 |  Pest Control Services

  7. P


    “It’s a fake pest control”

    Mar, 08 2023 |  Bed Bug Control Treatment

  8. S


    “Good review for this bastard seems fake..from his friends only..don't fall in such fraud n loose ur money..”

    Feb, 24 2023 |  Bed Bug Control Treatment

  9. S


    “This guy Rahul and his company is fraud, once they receive money they don't even pickup ur call forget about service.”

    Feb, 24 2023 |  Bed Bug Control Treatment

  10. R


    Jan, 11 2023 | 

  11. S


    “Shocking experience with Ashutosh Pest Control, they promised free checkup and reaaplication of pesticides if issue persists after pest control. When I called the vendor he says he has left the job whereas he himself is the owner of business. Such cheating with the customers is not at all acceptable and appreciated.”

    Oct, 30 2022 |  Pest Control Services

  12. J


    “Aashutosh Pest Control was the pest control service provided with them was excellent in a professional manner with affordable prices. I would like to recommend!”

    Aug, 29 2022 | 

  13. Y


    “The service is to bad the person does not pick the call nor he calls back. The attendant sent by the team has not done the work properly. The home triangle team also don't reply on time if you call the home triangle team they reject your calls. Full amount was paid to the company. Very disappointing and unprofessional work by the company and the team of home triangle ”

    Apr, 20 2022 |  Bed Bug Control Treatment

  14. D


    Jan, 19 2021 |  Cockroach Control Treatment

  15. N


    Jan, 13 2021 |  Bed Bug Control Treatment

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