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    Kiran Meena

    “Professional Work ”

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    “Best pest control service given by pest control gurgaon in my house gurgaon really great service..”

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    Zoya Lal

    “IPCS Pest Control has done a great job with the pest control. I am happy to have this company do the work. ”

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How much do pest exterminators charge?

On an average, pest control services costs ₹1299.0. However, pest control services price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, pest exterminators generally charge between ₹750.0 and ₹999.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹1899.0 to ₹2499.0.

Average cost


Jaipur Average Range

₹999.0 - ₹1899.0
Jaipur average cost ₹1299.0
Low-end cost range ₹750.0 - ₹999.0
High-end cost range ₹1899.0 - ₹2499.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Pest Control Services

Nobody wants a pest infected home. Despite myriad attempts trying to destroy them with sprays and insecticides, they always find a way back into our homes. Pests like termites, ants, mosquitos, cockroaches and bed bugs wreak havoc in our house and our lives. How do we get rid of this infestation once and forever? Almost every household is worried about this question.

If your home faces a pest infestation, you should probably seek professional help. With plenty of pest control services available in jaipur online, here are a few tips to try and protect your home.

How to Secure your Home from pests?

Pests love dark and hidden spots. It provides them with space and opportunity necessary for them to rest and breed. Follow these simple steps to make sure that doesn’t happen in your home. 

  • Make sure there are no clutters in your home. Remove extra newspapers, cardboard boxes, and other useless things.

  • Regularly clean your house especially dark hidden spots like spaces under the bed, cupboards, and cabinets. Our experts at HomeTriangle cannot stress enough about the importance of a neat and tidy home.

  • Cockroaches and ants love the kitchen for a reason. Keep the kitchen clean and make sure there are no traces of food every day. 

HomeTriangle offers the best pest control services in jaipur.

HomeTriangle helps homeowners to connect to the best pest control services in jaipur. Our database has highly trained, experienced and reliable service providers. When you select pest control in jaipur through us, you get a team of qualified and trained professionals customized to your needs. They provide high-quality services at affordable rates. HomeTriangle professionals go through extensive background checks and we have dedicated customer service ready to assist you at any time.

What Should You Know Before Hiring Professionals?

You should always select an experienced service provider while choosing pest control services in jaipur. Ask for a valid photo ID and his/her pest control license. Make sure they use safe and hygienic pest control procedures.

HomeTriangle is dedicated to offering the best pest control services in jaipur. We have teamed up with the best professionals in the industry and provide effective solutions to all your problems and hassle-free services. Now long term effective pest control is available on your fingertips.

To protect your home from deadly diseases like malaria and dengue, install mosquito nets for windows in jaipur. For the best pest control services in jaipur, get in touch with Hometriangle.

Frequently Asked Questions

We control a wide range of pests including, but not limited to, ants, roaches, bed bugs, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and flies.
Yes, the chemicals we use are safe for both humans and pets. However, it's advisable to avoid the treated area until the chemicals have dried.
The frequency of service depends on the type of pests and the extent of infestation. Generally, a quarterly service is recommended for most homes.
IPM is a comprehensive approach to pest control that includes identification, prevention, and treatment methods that are environmentally friendly and effective.
Yes, we provide a warranty for our services. The duration of the warranty varies based on the type of service availed.
You can generally start to see a reduction in pest activity within a few days. However, depending on the type of pest and treatment used, it can take up to two weeks to see full results.
Yes, we will provide you with a checklist of tasks to be completed before our professionals arrive. This includes cleaning specific areas, removing pets, and covering food items, among other things.
Regular cleaning, proper food storage, sealing off entry points, and regular professional pest control services can significantly help in preventing pest infestations.
Yes, we offer pest control services for both residential and commercial properties.
You can book our pest control services through our website, android or iOS application, or by calling our customer service number.

Top Recent Customer Reviews

Pest Control Services
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29 reviews

  1. user

    “I've used Matt's company for bedbug removal in my house several times, and he has done a great job each time. He is very professional and thorough, and his work was not done in the rush that you sometimes see with pest control companies. His service is also reasonably priced, so I wouldn't hesitate to call him again if I have another problem.”

  2. user

    “The service is good and the people are very friendly. I have been using them for last 2 years, they have done good job.”

  3. user

    “I have been using Pink City Pest Control for almost a year now, and I have to say that I am very impressed with their work. They really are good at what they do. I had a bedbug infestation in my house, and the treatment was extremely effective. One of the best things about their service is that they know how to handle bedbug problems -”

  4. user

    “I've been using the pest control for over a year now and I just can't imagine life without it. They are quick and efficient. I love the fact that all my issues have been taken care of, from termites to ants to roaches, which is something that was not easy to achieve before they arrived at my house! ”

  5. user

    “I have been using IPCS for about a year now. They took care of my pest problem in my mother's home. They are very professional and the staff is friendly. The owner of IPCS is also very nice and gives great customer service.”

  6. user

    “I have been using Pacific Pest Management Mansarovar for the past year. They are one of the few companies in town who's made a name for themselves by providing good quality service at reasonable prices. I enjoy doing business with them because they always do their job well, provide prompt service and do what they say they will.”

  7. user

    “Best Service for Pest control and good quality of bird spikes and bird net.”

  8. user

    “We are Satisfied with the services including the Products used for the insects and pest by IPCS. My Faithful Pest Control Service provider company for last ten Year”

  9. user

    “Perfect termite treatment done by expert team. Recommended for termite cockroach n ants treatment.”

  10. user

    “Best pesticide company in jaipur. I used their service since 6 years.”

  11. user

    “Pest control services were very professional in their interaction with us. They were fast in their execution and provided quality services. They paid good attention to details and covered every part of our home to inject disinfect to kill termites. Overall, a satisfactory service. Hopefully, we get rid off the termites for sometime”

  12. user

    “Best pest control company that I've dealt with. Technician, Matt is always prompt, courteous, and thorough - which is much appreciated. Cost is affordable. I'm very happy with Wester”

  13. user

    “NICE WORK. quick response. quick repair. I recommend ”

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    “Well spraying and application, hope it will last”

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    “Splendid service, Reasonable price”

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