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I had an problem with bed bugs in my home and supposed to call the professionals. Person came immediate and done the service. Guys are used some spraying and fumigation in all the area's. Now i feeling very happy with the service from the profession. Definitely refer to other home owners


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Person who did the service was very friendly and professional. He was there on time and had a great positive's been 2 months and no more rodent problems. Thank you.


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Very good work. Keep the good work going

Uma Shanker Achanta

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overall service was good!corners were cleaned very well.


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If you have an ongoing pest problem, or an infestation, it is best to hire an exterminator to curb the infestation once and for all. Not only cockroaches, there might be a beehive on the balcony, red ants or flying ants, termites and other forms of pests might forage in YOUR house seeking for food and shelter. It is important to take immediate action against these pests as these grow rapidly and spread across the house. The task should be laid upon qualified and trained exterminators as conventional pest control methods involve use of toxic chemicals to eliminate pest, the use of which can be extremely hazardous to your health.
Various Types of Pest Problem that includes:
1)Cockroaches : damp, dark places which goes unnoticed in your house are the things that attract cockroaches to find shelter in your house. Strong odours of waste and can stay without eating for 3 months and are resilient in nature. Cover dustbins tops so as to keep cockroaches away.
2)Bedbugs : Often lands up in furnitures and known to travel over 20 feet, brought in through luggages, purses, upholstered surfaces and/or used furnitures. Mostly tends to hide in the cervices of furniture, attracted by carbon dioxide emitted by humans.
3)Mosquitoes : Low sanitation levels, water-logged areas and carbon dioxide that humans breathe out gives rise to such pests. Reliable and quality service is required to keep them out of reach. Also, keeping your surrounding clean and tidy will prevent the mosquitoes from barging in.
5)Termites : Causes serious damage to wooden furnitures, buildings and garden crops feeds on wood, walls and more. Spreads rapidly and in huge numbers, dampens the condition. It is also important that they use the right pesticide or chemical for your particular pest problem because applying the wrong pesticide will not eliminate the problem but may serve to aggravate the pest situation further by killing the natural predator insect population instead of the pest that is causing the infestation in your home. A professional pest control service should provide a service guarantee. 
4)Fly, Flies, Bees : Feeding on liquid and semi-liquid substances, these are borne from drains, garbages, trash bags, cleaning rags and empty bottles. Sanitation is important to avoid these pests.
An exterminator examines the areas of infestation and ask pertinent questions regarding the pest problem. After a thorough inspection, the professional explains the required service protocol i.e. if the problem can be eliminated at once or will it require multiple services. The pest control professional should also provide information regarding the chemicals and/or pesticides they plan to use in your home, the side effects of the pesticides on children and aged family members if any, and all mandatory precautions to be taken, for example, you may need to vacate your home for a few hours or for even up to a day after the toxic chemical is applied.

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