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    “Good service done by them !”

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Elite Great value
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  1. user

    “Inder was very cooperative and understanding. You need to start using big syringe to inject chemical. Overall I am satisfied with his work.Mke sure your representative carry I card when he visit again”

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    “Good work done”

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    Dhiraj Shah

    “Reasonable prices where offered!”

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    Tara datt

    “I wanted to know which medicine/chemical they people are using but I was not shown it as I was particularly asked to use Bayer medicine. Overall it was satisfactory... I will look forward for timely services that are promised.”

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Top Recent Customer Reviews

Pest Control Services in Delhi

718 reviews

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    “I Couldn't be happier with the service I got from PESTWEST. They were prompt and delivered at the time promised. They are very professional, friendly and courteous!”

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    “We have been using KRI Pest control for the past 8 years and they are completely reliable. They are a well organized team that is committed to customer satisfaction. They do not charge you for their services and they provide you with quality service at affordable prices. We feel that our company has benefited from the services of KRI Pest Control Co.”

  3. user

    “I have used Star Care Services for many years. I have also referred them to friends and family. They are always on time, professional, courteous and very knowledgeable about their services. They are flexible with scheduling and price is very reasonable. I highly recommend them for any of your pest control needs!”

  4. user

    “I have been using Yug IT Solutions for the last three years and I am very happy with the service and their products. They are very friendly and helpful. They have a good team of people who are well trained in servicing their clients. I would recommend them to all my friends.”

  5. user

    “I am using RCS Care for about 4 months and I must say that it is worth the purchase. I ordered six cans of this online and it was delivered to my door within a few days. This is the most effective pest control agent I have used until now! Highly recommended!”

  6. user

    “I've been with Banzai Solutions for about a year now and I'm pretty happy with them. They do good at what they do and their pricing is one of the most reasonable in the market, it's a nice combination of service and cost-per-package.”

  7. user

    “Rohith Pest Control Service is fully reliable and professional company. They have properly resolved all problems of our business. We are satisfied with their services, and will continue for the pest control services .”

  8. user

    “Eco Elite Pest Control has been very good to us. They provide pest control service that is beneficial and affordable and they can also schedule you ahead of time. We are very happy with the service provided and highly recommend Eco Elite Pest Control”

  9. user

    “I used pest cure for bed bug removal and they did a fantastic job. I've been using them for a while now and i can tell you that they are very professional and well trained”

  10. user

    “I have been taking my family to RABYX INDIA for their pest control treatment for almost a year now. Their work is really professional and the price is very affordable.”

  11. user

    “I am very happy with the service PESTILENT Hi Care is providing. The staff are polite and helpfull. It was very humbling to me when Mr. Rohit sir told me about his company's history of service and reminded me about it. I am glad that he does this for every customer who walks in the door!”

  12. user

    “I was looking for a pest control company after I just moved into a new apartment and I found Xpress Pest Control Services on Google. I called them up and they immediately set me up to get the work done. They work hard and are always very prompt with their services, they also have great customer service employees who are always willing to assist you.”

  13. user

    “ team is professional and very good at pest control service, great customer service as well as fast response. I just moved into new home in and found out that we had mouse infestation. The technician came in and safely and efficiently removed all mouse, and cockroaches lizards, it shows through the service provide!!! Great results and good price. Well done, Keep it up Guys!”

  14. user

    “Professionals and very good quality of service, great customer service as well as fast response from Navigator pest control company. Just moved into a new place and was surprised to find we had cockroaches and mice infestation. ”

  15. user

    “I am an old customer of Pest Cure and extremely satisfied by their prompt services and follow up calls. Pest cure works as a team with highly cooperative, polite, prompt and sensitive staff. I am overwhelmed by the sensitivity they have for”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What pest control services in Delhi do you offer?

If you are having trouble getting rid of common house pests, we can connect you with the best pest control service providers in the city. These trained professionals listen to your concerns and provide the most efficient solutions for your problems. We offer pest control for both residential and commercial spaces in Delhi.

2. How can I book a pest control service?

Once you have registered on our site, you can log in to your profile and schedule a visit at your most convenient time. Alternatively, you can also call us at 7676-000-100 to book a pest control session.

3. What are the safety procedures followed during the pest control service?

We follow a standard pest control process keeping safety and hygiene factors in mind during the pest control sessions. We also take preventive measures during the application of pest repellents or other chemicals that need to be handled cautiously.

4. How long will it take to complete a pest control service?

The time taken for a single pest control session may vary depending on the type of pests that need to be eliminated. For wood-eating pests like termites, multiple sessions may be required to completely remove them from every nook and corner of your home or office space.

5. Should we leave the house when the bug treatment is being done?

It is advisable for those who are allergic or sensitive to chemicals to stay away from when the pest treatment is being done.

6. What should I do after pest control?

First, you should wait for the recommended time before you go back to your house. If you had left any food outside, discard it immediately. Our pest control specialists do a thorough clean-up of the place after the bug treatment is done. You can do mild cleaning if required.

7. How long do I have to stay out of my house after pest control?

You should stay out of your house for at least 2 to 4 hours after the debugging is done. However, ensure that the windows and doors are open for at least half an hour before you go inside.

All About Pest Control Services

Get Unparalleled Pest Control Services in Delhi by signing up with HomeTriangle.

How can we deal with the growing menace of pests? Almost every household is worried about this pressing issue. Pests like termites, ants, mosquitos, cockroaches and bed bugs wreak havoc in our homes and, in most cases, are very difficult to get rid of. Despite attempts to destroy them with sprays and insecticides, they keep coming back. 

If you are looking for effective pest control Delhi, seek professional help. There are plenty of pest control services in Delhi, but Home Triangle is at par, offering services of several acclaimed pest control professionals under one roof.

Advantages Of Hiring Professional Pest Control Services In Delhi

  • ExperienceHiring professional pest control services is beneficial in many ways. First, these professionals have experience dealing with pest problems in Delhi. They know exactly what chemicals to use to remove pests from your property. 
  • Safe and cost-effectiveThese professionals are also familiar with the pests in Delhi. As a result, they know how to effectively get rid of these insects and can do so in a safe and cost-effective manner. Secondly, they are knowledgeable about the climatic conditions and the best ways to prevent them from spreading.
  • Save moneyAside from getting rid of pests quickly, youll save money on health care and medical bills by hiring a professional pest control service. A professional team knows the proper way to deal with different types of pests and will never waste money on techniques that wont work. 
  • KnowledgeableThey are also knowledgeable about the best ways to prevent future infestations and keep your property pest-free. And as they are professionals, they will also provide long-term solutions to the problem.
  • Pest-free homeLastly, hiring a professional pest control service guarantees that you wont be faced with a pest problem again. Since the experts will use highly effective chemicals, they are guaranteed to eliminate the pests from your home for good. These professionals will also guarantee that no damage will occur to your home or business after the procedure is complete. 

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Hometriangle can connect homeowners to multiple pest control services in Delhi. Find high-quality and reliable service providers from our extensive database when you opt for pest control Delhi; heres what you get.

  • A team of qualified and trained experts
  • Vetted service providers with extensive background checks
  • Services customized to your needs
  • Helpful customer service 
  • High-quality service
  • Affordable rates

Why Choose Hometriangle For Finding Pest Control Services in Delhi?

When looking for pest control services in Delhi, you might be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. That is why Hometriangle is here to help. Not only can you find a range of pest control providers in Delhi, but you can also read reviews written by previous customers. All providers are approved on Hometriangle after thorough background checks and are fully insured. They also come with numerous quality control measures to protect your home and family.

At Hometriangle, we are dedicated to offering the best pest control services in Delhi. We have teamed up with the best in the industry and offer you effective solutions to all your problems. Pest control Delhi is no longer a tiring job; you can expect hassle-free services when you book our services.  

To protect your home from deadly termites, get pest control services. For the best pest control services in Bangalore and pest control in Chennai, get in touch with Hometriangle.

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