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How much do chimney installation technicians charge?

On an average, chimney installation costs ₹500.0. However, chimney installation price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, chimney installation technicians generally charge between ₹449.0 and ₹499.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹999.0 to ₹1399.0.

Average cost


Noida Average Range

₹499.0 - ₹999.0
Noida average cost ₹500.0
Low-end cost range ₹449.0 - ₹499.0
High-end cost range ₹999.0 - ₹1399.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Chimney Installation

The kitchen chimney plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean and pleasant environment. Located above the cooktop, it effectively removes cooking odors, smoke, and vapor. This helps to prevent the buildup of grease and moisture on walls and cabinets. The chimney typically includes an exhaust fan and ducting, which helps to eliminate any potential hazards such as fumes and unpleasant smells from the kitchen.

It is very hard to find a properly trained and experienced service provider for the installation of the chimney in the kitchen. With all the information available online, you might feel like installing a chimney yourself. Without the proper industrial knowledge, you might just be setting your chimney to circulate the air back into your kitchen and not outside. We at HomeTriangle understand that it is hard for people to take care of their chimney installation when they have so much better things to do.

Purpose of Chimney Installation

A chimney, also known as a range hood or exhaust hood, is a device that hangs above the stove in the kitchen. It is equipped with a mechanical fan that helps to remove various contaminants such as grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air through a process of evacuation and filtration.

When it comes to chimney installation, there are two main methods of extraction: 

  • Ducted: In a ducted (or vented) application, the exhaust from the hoods fan is directed through a duct system and expelled outside the building. 
  • Ductless: In a ductless (or recirculating) application uses a filter, often containing activated charcoal, to remove odors and smoke particles from the air before it is released back into the kitchen.

Reason for hiring Professional Chimney technicians

If a chimney is not installed properly in a kitchen, it can lead to a variety of consequences:

  • Inefficiency: If the chimney is not installed at the correct angle or with the correct size, it may not be able to effectively remove smoke, steam, and other pollutants from the kitchen.
  • Leakage: A poorly installed chimney may not be properly sealed, which can lead to leaks and drafts that can be costly to repair.
  • Fire hazard: A poorly installed chimney can become a fire hazard if it is not properly venting smoke and heat.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning: A poorly installed chimney can lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide inside the home, which can be fatal if not addressed.
  • Structural damage: A poorly installed chimney can lead to structural damage to the roof or walls of the home.

Why choose for your Kitchen Chimney Installation?

1. HomeTriangle ensures the quality of its work by hiring only trained technicians who have passed multiple quality checks.

2. We prioritize hygiene while providing quality service, using professional chimney installation tools to ensure your safety.

3. HomeTriangle offers the convenience of in-home kitchen chimney repair service, allowing you to schedule the service at your convenience, without having to leave your home.

Are you in need of professional chimney installation services in noida or other areas nearby? It is essential to understand that the installation of a chimney is a vital aspect of your kitchens ventilation system. These systems effectively remove various pollutants such as grease, oil vapor, smoke, heat, humidity, and cooking odors, making your kitchen and dining areas safer and more comfortable to use.

HomeTriangle has partnered up with the best chimney installation service providers in noida to provide the best and the most optimal installation services at reliable and affordable rates. Our technicians are trained and experienced having installed innumerable chimneys over the period of a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we undertake the installation of chimneys from all major manufacturers like Sunflame, Hindware, Elica, and Faber.
We provide services as soon as possible. Once we receive your request, our technicians will contact you within 10 Mins.
HomeTriangle has an extensive database of professional service providers doing the installation of chimneys in {0}. All our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced. They undergo strict background checks to ensure the safety of you and your home.

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    “Purshotam Chimney Service is the best chimney installation service provider in India. After having them install my fireplace I felt a breeze and I was also impressed with their efficiency. They are very prompt for the work and they don't leave any mess behind to clean up later. They are a customer-oriented company which provides great services at reasonable prices.”

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    “Their service was done as they said they would. They were very quick and the installation went well. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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    “Chimney installation service was done by them is excellent they are quick and they are professionals, with good price. They do a very good job and their charges are very reasonable.”

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    “NCR Chimney Service Center is a chimney installation company. They are very professional, they know how to do a job perfectly and they were quick in my case. I would definitely recommend this company to other people.”

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    “Best Chimney Service in Noida. Good experience he clean my Microwave and change filter very good and nicely good job and also nice behavior i m impressed...”

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    “Horrible service, no response from them even after repeated calls for 10 days. they had replaced a motor in my kitchen chimney which just worked for 4-5 days, for which they charged 2600 and gave a 1 year warranty, I have been calling them ”

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    “Really impressed with their products. Highly recommended. Also, Must say that their customer service is great. Keep it up.”

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    “Really impressed with their products. Highly recommended. Also, Must say that their customer service is great. Keep it up”

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    “Recently got my Chimney deep cleaned from them.. The technician was very polite and nice. He spent a good amount of time completing the work. Recommend this.”

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