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How much do marble polishers charge?

On an average, marble polishing costs ₹15000.0. However, marble polishing price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, marble polishers generally charge between ₹5000.0 and ₹9000.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹18000.0 to ₹20000.0.

Average cost


Noida Average Range

₹9000.0 - ₹18000.0
Noida average cost ₹15000.0
Low-end cost range ₹5000.0 - ₹9000.0
High-end cost range ₹18000.0 - ₹20000.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble is a polished surface which requires good cleaning often. One of the reasons why marble loses its shine is because of neglect.
As marble polishing requires the use of equipment it does make a little sound while it's working but not as much as it could disturb anyone.
Acidic spills, like, wine, coffee milk etc can damage marble floors.
The frequency of marble polishing depends on the level of use and wear on your marble surfaces. For example, a floor in a high-traffic area may need to be polished more frequently than a countertop that is used less frequently. It is generally recommended to have your marble surfaces polished every 1-3 years, but it is best to consult a professional for a more specific recommendation based on the specific conditions of your marble.
Marble polishing can produce some dust and debris, but professional marble polishing companies typically take steps to minimize the mess. This may include using dust containment systems and cleaning up any excess dust and debris after the polishing process is complete. It is a good idea to discuss the steps that will be taken to minimize mess with the marble polishing company before the work begins.
It is generally possible to polish marble surfaces that have scratches or damage, but the extent to which the scratches or damage can be removed will depend on the depth and type of the damage. In some cases, deep scratches or damage may require more extensive repair work, such as resurfacing or re-polishing, before they can be effectively polished. It is best to consult a professional marble polishing company for an assessment of the damage and a recommendation for the best course of action.
Marble polishing will not typically change the color of your surfaces. However, it is possible that the process of polishing may bring out the natural veining and color variations in the marble, making the overall appearance of the surface more vibrant and pronounced. If you are concerned about potential changes in the color of your marble surfaces, it is a good idea to discuss this with the marble polishing company before the work begins.
The length of time it takes to polish a marble surface will depend on the size and condition of the surface, as well as the level of polish desired. In general, it can take several hours to a full day to polish a marble surface, depending on these factors. It is best to consult a professional marble polishing company for a more accurate estimate of the time it will take to polish your specific marble surfaces.
Marble polishing can be a cost-effective way to maintain your floors, as it can help to extend the life of the marble and preserve its beauty. Marble that is properly polished and maintained is less prone to damage and staining, which can save you money on repairs and replacement in the long run. The cost of marble polishing will depend on the size and condition of the surface, as well as the level of polish desired. It is a good idea to compare prices from multiple marble polishing companies to find the most cost-effective option for your needs.
Many professional marble polishing companies are able to polish a variety of different types of stone surfaces, including granite, mosaic, terrazzo, and travertine. It is a good idea to confirm that a company offers the type of stone polishing services you are interested in before hiring them. Some companies may specialize in certain types of stone or have more experience polishing certain types of surfaces.
Marble polishing is a process of cleaning and polishing marble floors to maintain their attractiveness and gloss. It helps to remove stains, scratches, and grime, giving your marble surfaces a renewed shine.

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    “Ravi Marble Polishing was the company that cleaned my floor and they did a very good job. All of their workers are very friendly and courteous. I will definitely use Ravi Marble Polishing again in the future and recommend them to my friends.”

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    “Sri Dhana Lakshmi Marble Polishing are the best marble polishing service I ever used , they were very polite, friendly and done work with high quality I so appreciate their work , highly recommended for you guys !”

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    “Nardev Marble Polishing is the marble polishing service was done by them is excellent they cleaned quickly with prices they cleaned properly! They are great at what they do and I recommend it to any one needing a good cleaner. Look no further, Nardev will definitely be your go to cleaning service from now on.”

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    “I am extremely happy and satisfied with the marble grinding and polishing work done by your team.,The group members are very sincere and hardworking. Keep it up.”

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    “Very good polishing service . I am happy with service .. ”

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