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How much do chimney cleaning technicians charge?

On an average, chimney cleaning costs ₹500.0. However, chimney cleaning price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, chimney cleaning technicians generally charge between ₹449.0 and ₹499.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹999.0 to ₹1399.0.

Average cost


Kolkata Average Range

₹499.0 - ₹999.0
Kolkata average cost ₹500.0
Low-end cost range ₹449.0 - ₹499.0
High-end cost range ₹999.0 - ₹1399.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys are essential for maintaining a clean kitchen. Without a chimney, the frequent use of oils and spices in cooking can result in yellow and greasy-looking walls, cabinets, and tiles. An electric chimney can address multiple kitchen issues, leaving only the need for regular chimney cleaning.

Despite the abundance of information available online, proper industrial knowledge is still necessary for effective chimney cleaning. Without the proper tools and knowledge, it can be challenging for the average consumer to properly clean a chimney.

To simplify the process, HomeTriangle has partnered with the top chimney cleaning service providers in kolkata to offer a hassle-free experience. With skilled and experienced technicians, you can put your worries about chimney cleaning to rest.

Consequences of neglecting regular cleaning of kitchen chimneys:

Reduced suction power: The build-up of grease and other debris in the chimney can reduce the suction power of the chimney, making it less effective in removing smoke and odors from the kitchen.

Bad Odor: A dirty chimney can emit unpleasant odors, making the kitchen and the entire house smell bad.

Fire hazards: A dirty chimney can increase the risk of chimney fires due to the buildup of creosote.

Blockage: A blocked chimney can cause smoke and toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide, to enter the home.

Reduced efficiency: A dirty chimney can cause the chimney to work less efficiently, resulting in higher energy bills.

Noise: A dirty chimney can cause excessive noise, which can be caused by an obstruction in the motor fan.

Unwanted noise: Noise is a very common problem in electric chimneys. Higher motor speed means more sound. But many times the reason behind excessive noise can be something else.

Reduced lifespan: A dirty chimney can cause the chimney and its components to wear out more quickly, resulting in the need for more frequent repairs and replacements.

There are two forms of Kitchen Chimney cleaning:

1. Normal Chimney Cleaning

  • The cleaning of the outer surface and filters of the chimney, using four different types of solid/liquid chemicals, typically takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

2. Deep Chimney Cleaning

  • Complete disassembly of the chimney, including the Motor, Rotor (inside fan), and Filter. 
  • Cleaning of each part using various chemicals. 
  • Cleaning of the interior and exterior surfaces of the chimney using chemicals.

Why choose for your Chimney Cleaning?

1. HomeTriangle ensures the quality of its work by hiring only trained technicians who have passed multiple quality checks.

2. We prioritize hygiene while providing quality cleaning, using professional chimney cleaning tools to ensure your safety.

3. HomeTriangle offers the convenience of in-home kitchen chimney cleaning, allowing you to schedule the service at your convenience, without having to leave your home.

A kitchen chimney is a must-have for a comfortable cooking experience, as it keeps the kitchen free from dust, smoke, oil residue, and heat. It also helps to maintain the kitchens cleanliness and appearance. While chimneys are a common appliance in modern kitchens, not all technicians are able to repair all types, brands, and models of chimneys. HomeTriangle connects you with experienced and verified chimney repair professionals who can come to your home and fix your chimney quickly.

Hometriangle technicians will come to your home, and provide you with the outstanding Kaff chimney cleaning and Faber cleaning service in kolkata. All of our technicians are highly qualified and well-trained to clean all leading brands of electric chimneys. To name among brands we provide cleaning - Glen Chimney, Cata Chimney, Kaff Chimney, IFB Chimney, Ceasa Chimney, Bajaj Chimney, Whirlpool Chimney, Usha Chimney, Faber HeatKraft Chimney, Kutchina Chimney, Hindware Chimney, Prestige Chimney, and other top brands.

Log in to the Hometriangle website and book a chimney cleaning service today and leave the work to our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure that your chimney is doing its work properly, you should clean your chimneys every 3 months.
A proper chimney cleaning includes the following steps: Turn off the power supply to the chimney. Remove the filters. Clean the chimney exterior. Clean the chimney interior. Reassemble and test the chimney.
Kitchen chimney cleaning services typically include cleaning the outer surface and filters of the chimney, using various chemicals. It may also include dismantling and cleaning of the motor, rotor, and filter.
The oil and spice fumes pulled into the chimney leaves glazing over time which is highly combustible and unhygienic. To avoid this, you should clean regularly clean your chimneys.
The cost of kitchen chimney cleaning services can vary depending on the type of cleaning needed, the company providing the service, and the location. It's best to get an estimate from the company for the specific cleaning needed.
The length of time for a typical kitchen chimney cleaning can vary depending on the type and extent of the cleaning needed. It's best to check with the HomeTriangle chimney experts for an estimated completion time for the specific cleaning needed.
Yes, we do clean and service chimneys from all major manufacturers like Sunflame, Hindware, Elica, and Faber.

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