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How much do civil construction charge?

On an average, house construction costs ₹3000000.0. However, house construction price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, civil construction generally charge between ₹1800000.0 and ₹2400000.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹1.5E7 to ₹2.0E7.

Average cost


Chennai Average Range

₹2400000.0 - ₹1.5E7
Chennai average cost ₹3000000.0
Low-end cost range ₹1800000.0 - ₹2400000.0
High-end cost range ₹1.5E7 - ₹2.0E7

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About House Construction

Building a house involves the execution of many diverse construction activities including managing a vast array of material vendors and sub-contractors for specialised services and obtaining the appropriate permits for the house that you plan to build etc. When building a new home it is advisable to hire a professional house construction contractor specialising in residential construction specifically for standalone homes.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family when trying to narrow down on the right house construction contractor. Often the house construction contractor will be recommended by your architect. Once you have a shortlist, meet the house construction contractor personally to discuss the scope of your project. It is extremely important to ask the house construction contractor detailed questions regarding previous house construction projects they have completed as well as visit a few homes constructed by them to see how they have weathered with time. Ask the house construction contractor to provide testimonials from previous clients as well as references of from material vendors and previous clients for you to contact.

Discussions with the house construction contractor should cover all aspects of the services required for the completion of your house construction project, for example, you may need to dig a bore well, install temporary electricity and water connections, architectural plans will need to be approved by the local authority and the house construction contractor will have to function under the supervision of your architect or building consultant etc.

Also, aspects and costs like the procurement of materials, and fixtures, payments to labor and on schedule construction should be clearly spelled out on the contract. The process of addressing any unforeseen circumstances like cost escalations or the charges for accommodating changes in the architectural design during the course of construction should also be covered clearly. The house construction contractor will provide an itemised estimate based on the scope of the work discussed. Estimates can vary from billing on actuals with an added fee for the contractors services, lump sum payment, or a graduated model of payment according to the work scheduled and completed. The option you choose depends on your finances as well as the amount of time that you are able to allocate to monitoring the building process.

The hallmark of a good house construction contractor is the ability to simplify the construction process for you to understand, deliver a construction standard that is to your expectation as well as on schedule, accompanied with transparent billing practices, to put your mind at rest regarding expenditure and the quality of the house construction.

There are a number of top contractors who offer house construction services in India. They consult the client to determine whether they want a small or large scale house construction project. They then dedicate their professionals who can range from civil engineers,interior designers, architects, project managers, and skilled or unskilled labours to complete the work.

The first step is to use the architects to design the home that the client wants. This is the beginning to a high quality construction. The company then manages the project to completion within the time that they agree with the client. The cost of this construction is also agreed on with the client.

The contractor carries on the construction while considering the layout, rough framing and weather hazards. They also try to make the process as comfortable as possible for the client. The construction normally proceeds while using quality bricks, cement and construction equipment.

The team will diligently work on the project while managing the usage of the material and the timing. The construction is mainly based on the use of modern designs and finishing, including the incorporation of vaastu. The construction mainly aims to make good use of space.

It is a hassle free way of going about building a home. The contractor goes ahead to handle interactions with third parties such as the local authority, suppliers of materials and the labourers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appropriate estimation of duration to build a home would be around 6 to 12 months.
The answer depends on your preferences, inheritance of land and various other factors.
Choose home triangle because we believe there is the best way to do things and we take every measure to accomplish that. House construction is no different.
Building a great house involves a process that can be long and challenging and the cost too, varies since it depends on the size, type of materials used etc.
A professional house constructor knows the intricate elements of building a great home that is both sustainable, strong, and durable all the while being good-looking.

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    “Cephas Planners and Builders is a complete package. They are very professional and trustworthy. I have dealt with them for a long time, and they never fail to deliver perfection in their work. They always take the right approach to the job, maintaining a cleanliness around the office premises which makes it look more professional.”

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    “I have been using Cephas Planners & Builders for the past few months and I have to say that their services are valuable. They offer a good finishing without a second thought. I would suggest them without any reservations!”

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    “I have been using their services for the past two years. They provide good finishing work at a reasonable price. The service is always on time and the people are friendly enough. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable contractor”

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    “Cost is so affordable and very professional. Had great service”

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