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    “I used this service for our interior after finding good reviews. Happy to say not disappointed. Reasonable price and timely work done.”

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    “Tasko Contractors is a very excellent job. They are very professional they do the work in time and carefully so they can do more than one task at a time. They are always there to solve any problem that might arise on their job.”

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    “ASN Enterprises are one of the refer that I hired for my renovation needs. They were able to come in and do the job fast and at a very low price. The team members came out and did a complete inspection of the project to make sure everything was up to standard, which was great. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a job done right!”

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    “I highly recommend this enterprise to anyone looking for a project. The owner is polite, professional and very responsive. Very good quality in execution and delivery. Good value for money.”

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    “I hired Bagvan Renovation to renovate my apartment and the process was a breeze. They are really very responsive and they did an excellent job. I am really very happy with their work, the process and the people. They are polite, professional and would work with you if needed. I think what is great about them is that they deliver good quality work for the money”

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    “Siri Home Renovations was very professional and did a great job. They were on time, easy to work with, and gave us exactly what we wanted. They were upfront with their materials used and their pricing is very competitive. We are happy with the end product and will be using this company for our future home renovations!”

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    “I contacted Tasko Home Renovators to construct my new home and they did an excellent job. Their quality of work was top notch and my friend was very satisfied with the service and material used. I recommend that anyone looking for construction services contact them for their dream house making project.”

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    “We have been working with Varma Group for over a year and they are truly a professional interior design company. They are always on time, give good quality of work, and most importantly deliver good services. I would recommend this company for anyone looking for an interior design help.”

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    “I engaged Sai Construction Works & Interior for a new design of my office. The project went smooth and the final result was amazing. They are professional and trustworthy with their quality of works. I am glad I chose them for this project!”

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    “Sri Durga Construction has been designing my house for few years now. They always do a great job, are on time and never overcharge me. They do good quality of work and I trust them with all my home's interior needs.”

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    “Sai Sravanthi Enterprise is a professional and trusted interior design company with good quality of works done. They were able to create our new office space.”

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    “I am so pleased with the work that U H Home Renovationss Services has done for me. They are a trusted and professional interior design company with good quality of works done. I went to them when I needed help with a few additions and changes to an existing property.”

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    “Chic Spaces is an amazing interior design company, who has helped me get the perfect apartment. Their work is of good quality and the office people are always on top of things. I would definitely recommend Chic Spaces to anyone looking for a professional interior design company.”

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    “My wife and I have worked with Skyscrapers Construction for over 6 months now. They are a great team of professional interior designers who have impeccable taste. Their list of previous clients is long and they are a trusted company that offers quality works done at your budget.”

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    “I was provided a free estimate for my project and the owner was very professional and answered all my questions fully. The quality of their works are quite good as I've seen from their past projects. They also work with affordable pricing, which is a must.”

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    “ a professional interior design company, primarily with two branches. We have been working with SR Housing & Constructions for the past 3 years now and they are one of our favorite partners to work with. They have a great style and they know how to put in their best quality of work. They are also highly reliable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find the best home renovators near me?

HomeTriangle has a database of the best professionals offering home renovation services all over India. Check out their ratings and testimonials from previous customers before choosing a service provider.

2. How much does it cost to renovate a house per square foot?

If you have an empty flat, the cost of interiors could go up to Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000 per sq foot, while for a flat with basic amenities provided by the developer it could vary from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 per square foot. The price varies depending on the quality of the materials and the total time taken.

3. What comes first in a home renovation?

Roof, Foundation, Water Issues, Siding, Windows. This is the order to go about doing home renovations. Large projects must be done first because subsequent projects are impacted by them. Protect your future renovation work by making certain the house wont collapse on you (foundation, major structural problems) and that it will remain dry (roof, siding, windows.

4. Should I buy the materials needed for the renovation?

Our professionals are quite flexible when it comes to buying the materials you need. You can either buy it or you can talk to them and they’ll help you get it cheaper. You can talk to our professionals in detail about it when they call you.

5. Do you provide bathroom renovation services or only home renovation services?

We provide home renovation services, kitchen renovation services, and home renovation services. Call us at 76 76 000 100 and we will be more than happy to help you get the right kind of service you need at an affordable price.

6. Where to start a home renovation?

The first step when renovating a home is to assess its condition. Once you have a list of items you want to completely renovate, follow this order :

â—� Home appliances including your AC

â—� Plumbing

â—� Electricals

â—� Doors and Windows

7. Are the professionals coming to my house trustworthy?

Customer safety and satisfaction is our topmost priority. All service providers associated with HomeTriangle go through extensive background checks to ensure your safety.

All About Home Renovation

A house renovation can completely transform the look and feel of the home. It can upgrade the heating, ventilation and air conditioning to make the home as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

This is the time to personalise the home and add high-quality furnishings to it. It is generally a makeover which entails room resizing, tile relaying and merging of rooms. You can also partition the rooms to create more rooms.

The important thing with a remodel is to run the project smoothly and within budget. The project mostly alters the structure of the home and even touches on the garden, lawn, gazebos and other outdoor structures. The garage can also form part of the improvement when you are doing maintenance, repair and general servicing of the house.

Moreover, you can upgrade the rooms with luxuries which can include adding the kitchen, spa, hot tub, or increase the capacity of the plumbing and electrical system. You can further waterproof the basement, and sound-proof the rooms and bathrooms. In addition, you may decide to tear-off the roof and do some replacement. There are also the repairs to the concrete which affect the foundation and chimney. You can further repaint the walls, fence and rooms.

One way to create space in the home during a renovation is to extend the house with rooms on the sides. This can involve turning marginal spaces such as the basement, theatre and home office into leaving areas. Furthermore, you can remodel the home in order to save energy. This involves reducing the utility bills for power. You can even have energy-efficient thermal insulation and lighting. You can more so add safety and backup equipment. All these services can be professionally done by engineers and contractors.

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