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One may require demolition services when you want to upgrade your house. In one instance, you may have property that has stayed for years and years with an old design. In the event that you want to build a modern building, you will have to tear-down this one. In addition, you may have bought an old piece of property and subsequently want to build something with a personal touch, and therefore need to demolish the older building.

Demolition involves tearing down of the buildings or structures. It differs from deconstruction, which aims to preserve the fragments for later re-use. It is easy to demolish small building especially those that are less than three stories high. You can achieve this process manually or through using a machine.

You can go for large hydraulic equipment such as an elevated work platforms, excavators, cranes or bulldozers. The manual method involves the use of several men to knock-down the building.

In contrast, larger buildings oblige the use of advanced methods such as a wrecking ball. You can also use a heavy weight on a cable which is swung by a crane into the side of the buildings. In particular, the wrecking ball way is a more effective in comparison to masonry.

On a down side, masonry is hard to control and is a very slow method. There is however other newer methods which use silenced rock-breakers and rotational hydraulic shears that is attached to excavators to cut or break through concrete, wood and steel. Use of shears is particularly important when flame cutting would be hazardous.

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