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All About Bed Bug Control Treatment Service

If you suddenly notice itching at night or get a foul smell from your room, it’s time to check for bed bugs. These notorious creatures are always on the lookout for homes, and our beds are their best friends. Since bed bugs feed on blood, beds and pillows are great hiding spots. Each female bed bug lays 200 to 500 eggs during their lifetime. If left unchecked, they can multiply within days. 

A bed bug infestation is hard to get rid of. These creatures can crawl on surfaces and hide in cupboards, cabinets and every nook and cranny of your home. Therefore, integrated pest management by professionals is the most effective way to contain bed bug infestation. 

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Treatments for Bed Bug Infestation.
Although washing, vacuuming and cleaning are considered preferred techniques to control bed bug infestation, it is difficult to remove them with these procedures completely. Expert pest control professionals can help you to deal with this situation efficiently. They follow multi-step procedures to remove every trace of bed bugs from your home. 

Inspection: Experts conduct a thorough inspection of your home to determine the extent of the infestation. It helps them to identify and spot eggs, larvae as well as faecal matter. 

Vacuuming: Experts use vacuuming to remove any adult bugs from beds, mattresses, clothes and carpets. It is also a very effective method for eliminating eggs and larvae.

Sealants: Since bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices, sealants are used to trap them.

Chemical sprays: Depending on the severity of the problem, a treatment method is chosen. Dry as well as wet chemical sprays are used to kill bed bugs. They can completely drench furniture, mattresses and carpets with these sprays.  

Heat Fumigation: A very effective method to kill bed bugs, it is used only in very severe cases. It takes a few hours and can effectively remove adult bed bugs and their eggs. 

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