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Bathroom Renovation in Hyderabad

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    “Harmony has a lot of experience in the home improvement field. Their service is very good and they have been very helpful in helping us with our home remodeling project. They give you plenty of time to do the job right and they are professional and reliable.”

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    “Balaji Home Interiors-Hyderabad provides the best service, reliability and customer care. The website is very easy to navigate and with great products, prices and services available. I would definitely call Balaji Home if I needed any services done on my house or office.”

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    “I have been using them for 2 yrs and i am really satisfied with their work i don't want to change and will continue working with them for my apartment renovation”

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    “I was searching for a company to get my home renovation done and after a lot of research I found yourselves. We got our house renovated recently and the cost was lower than others. I will definitely use them again in the future”

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    “RMI Interiors was the service I chose because they do the work well. They are very friendly and provide good customer service at a great price.”

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    “We have been using KARTHIKEYA CONSTRUCTIONS for a while now they have done all the work and is doing it again. The work is excellent and they are professional. We will be using them forever, thanks guys”

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    “Srinivas Renovators is the best bathroom renovation service I have ever used. I had the privilege of working with them during my bathroom renovation and I couldn't be happier! The workers that came to my home were hardworking and did a great job. They took care of every detail from start to finish, even doing some work themselves with no extra charge!”

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    “As soon as Lazdar Home Renovators arrived, they went to work doing some serious remodeling of my bathroom. I was really surprised at how hardworking these guys were, but more surprisingly, these guys got the job done in a little over one day!”

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    “Balaji Renovators had a great experience with their bathroom renovation service. The team I worked with was amazing and they gave me a great deal on my new bathroom.”

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    “I had Harsha Renovators handle my bathroom renovation project. They were very professional from the start, listening to what my needs were, and took care of it with thoroughness. I am so glad I chose them for the job because they did a fantastic job from start to finish.”

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    “ I had a really great experience working with RK Home Renovations. They were professional from the start, listening to what my needs were, and dealing with all my questions patiently. They did an amazing job renovating my bathroom and I am so glad we went with them for this project!”

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    “I had the privilege of working with Hussain Home Renovator and I cannot say that I am in any way dissatisfied. The workers were hardworking and were able to meet my task list before they even left at the end of their day!”

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    “My bathroom renovation project was handled by RC Interiors And Renovators. They were professional from the start, listening to what my needs were, and pricing their services to match my budget. I am very happy with the results and would recommend them.”

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    “I hired Mohammad Home Renovations to renovate my master bathroom. They were very professional and their rates were reasonable. I would recommend the company because of their experience and excellent service.”

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    “I had a wonderful experience with the bathroom renovation service. The team I worked with was amazing and they gave me a great deal on my bathroom renovation. They also did some repairs for me at no charge!”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find the best bathroom renovators near me?

HomeTriangle has a database of the best professionals offering bathroom renovation services all over India. Check out their ratings and testimonials from previous customers before choosing a service provider.

2. How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

The estimated basic cost of the partial renovation of a 7x4 attached bathroom with toilet is Rs 40,000- 50,000. This price includes bathroom fittings, good quality plumbing materials, bathroom tiles, and labor costs. Although, the price could vary depending on the materials you use and the total time taken to complete the project.

3. How to keep bathroom renovation costs down?

The most important aspect of keeping the bathroom renovation costs down is finding a trustworthy and experienced professional to ensure that you don’t get ripped off. Changing only the stuff that needs immediate attention, reusing fixtures and fittings, etc can further help keep the costs according to your budget.

4. Do the contractors buy the materials or should I buy them?

It can be done either way. Our professionals will go through the details when they call you. The advantage of having the professional buy the materials is that they could probably get the stuff at wholesale price which is a lot lesser than the normal retail price.

5. How long does the bathroom renovation process take?

Once the planning is over, our professionals say a bathroom renovation takes around 2 to 3 weeks.

6. Can you do a bathroom renovation yourself?

Well, the whole process is quite tricky and we suggest having experienced professionals take care of the renovation part because after all, they have made a career out of it. Even with all the information available online, without the proper industrial know-how, the process could prove quite difficult.

7. Does a bathroom renovation add value to the property?

Yes, indeed a bathroom renovation will add value to the home or property.

All About Bathroom Renovation

If your house is old enough and your bathroom design is no longer appealing, you can decide to renovate or remodel it. Since it is quite costly to demolish the house and start afresh, you can decide to renovate crucial areas such as the bathroom.

The work touches on areas such as the tiles which have surpassed the times or have become dirty. In these situations, you require the services of a professional to handle the matter skilfully. In addition, you may no longer like the colour or style of the bathroom and want to incorporate innovative designs into your bathroom.

Besides, there are hundreds of different colours that you can change your bathroom to. There are also other services like waterproofing the bathroom which a contractor can help you with.

The good thing with hire a professional is that they have seen many designs, and they know what sort of material will look good with your home. Renovating or remodelling the bathroom is quite some work and will involve buying fixtures for the area.

You should also consider estimates such as plumbing, floor and wall tiling, replacing sinks and faucets, cabinets and countertops. There are also decoration and accessories, the lighting system, containers and storage spaces.

Professional do a neat job and in the shortest time possible to make it convenient for you. Other services that touch on bathroom remodelling include the incorporation of a walk-in shower area to replace an old bathtub. In addition, you can customise your shower features such as the seat, grab bar, hand shower, foot rest and door options.

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