World Thinking Day 2024: Why Do We Celebrate This Day?

The 22nd of February every year is observed as World Thinking Day by WAGGGS (World Organization for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). WAGGGS aims to raise funds for the 10 million Girl Scouts and guides.

Significance of World Thinking Day

The primary goal of this day is to provide a forum for all girls to freely express their thoughts, participate in important discussions, and offer global support. Girl Scouts raise funds for girls worldwide.

The Theme of World Thinking Day

The theme for 2024's World Thinking Day is "Our World, Our Thriving Future". It is to explore crucial global issues through the perspective of environmental sustainability, gender equality, peace, and poverty.

History of World Thinking Day

It was established in 1926 to celebrate Lord Robert Baden-Baden's and Powell's birthday, the founders of the scouting movement. All young people were included in the celebration, with a new theme annually.

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