World Hemophilia Day 2024: The Symptoms of Hemophilia

World Hemophilia Day is celebrated worldwide on April 17 yearly, commemorating the birthday of Frank Schnabel, who founded the World Federation of Hemophilia. Here are some symptoms of Hemophilia:

Excessive bleeding

People with hemophilia may experience prolonged bleeding after injuries, surgery, or dental procedures. They may also have spontaneous bleeding without an apparent cause.

Easy bruising

Individuals with hemophilia may bruise easily, and these bruises can be larger and more severe than expected.

Joint and muscle bleeding

One of the hallmark symptoms is bleeding into joints and muscles, which can cause pain, swelling, and limited movement. Recurrent bleeding into joints can lead to joint damage and deformities.


If you have Hemophilia, frequent or prolonged nosebleeds may occur without reason. If you have severe Hemophilia, your tongue can swell up due to internal bleeding and block your airway.

Blood in urine or stool

Hemophilia patients usually notice internal bleeding, leading to blood in the urine or stool.

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