World Food Safety Day

Millions fall victim to foodborne illness every year. Don't let it be you! Celebrate World Food Safety Day and learn how to keep your eats safe and delicious.

Why You Should Care ?

Unsafe food can wreck your day (and maybe your week). It can lead to everything from a grumbling stomach to serious health problems. Safe food = happy you!

2024 Theme: Prepare for the Unexpected

This year, World Food Safety Day is all about being prepared for anything! From sneaky bacteria to full-blown outbreaks, we can all be food safety heroes.

Your Secret Food Safety Weapons

Wash hands! Cook right temp! Fridge leftovers! Separate raw food! Safe eats = happy you!

Join the Food Safety Force!

Food Fight! (But the good kind ) Join the Force! Share food safety tips, support awesome food heroes, and become a master yourself!

Together, We Can Conquer Foodborne Illness!

By working together, we can create a world where everyone enjoys safe, delicious food. Let's celebrate World Food Safety Day and make a tastier, healthier future!

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