Top Self-Care Tips for Healthy Summer: Beat the Heat and Chill

Summer is a time for long days, short nights, and warm temperatures. Enjoy a fun and relaxing summer by prioritizing self-care to stay healthy and energized.


Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Watermelon, cucumber, orange, and water-rich fruits and vegetables can be healthier alternatives.

Sun Protectors

Apply sunscreen generously to protect your skin. Wear sunglasses and hats whenever you step out as your safety measures.

Skin-Friendly Clothes

Loose clothes with light colours and natural fabrics (cotton) will help you stay cool. Avoid tight-fit clothes and dark colours as they absorb heat.

Schedule Activity

Try to workout in the cooler mornings or evenings. Avoid the peak heat hours for sweatful activities.

Refresh Yourself

Take showers/baths daily to be refreshed. Be in an air-conditioned environment if possible, but not for the whole day.

Eat Light

Eat light meals, not too oily and not too heavy! Eat fresh fruits and salads to be hydrated well.

Relax and Rejoice

Get proper sleep. Include meditation in your routine to relax your mind. Engage in calming hobbies like reading a book.

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