Top 7 Coastal Creatures You Can Find Near the Sea

A coastline is a place for unique creatures where the land meets the sea, and the waves touch the rocks. Let’s know them.

Hermit Crabs

While carrying their homes on their backs, Hermit Crabs inhabit scavenged seashells! Fascinating to see them scuttle along the shore and tide pools in search of food.

Sea Stars / Starfish

Found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, Starfish are spiny-skinned echinoderms. They crawl along the seafloor or feed on clams and oysters.

Sea Lions

These large, social creatures spend a good portion of their day hunting for food in the ocean. They then come ashore to rest.


Colourful cnidarians related to jellyfish, Anemones attach themselves to rocks or hard surfaces and use their stinging tentacles to capture prey.


Mussels are bivalves, meaning two hinged shells. These filter feeders use their siphons to draw in water and strain out plankton and other tiny organisms.

Ghost Crabs

Pale-coloured crabs are active at night, emerging from their caves to hunt for food. They are well-camouflaged against the sand.


Tiny sea snails with hard shells are found in the intertidal zones, grazing on algae and other marine plants.

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