Top 6 Safety Measures for Playing Holi 2024: Celebrate Responsibly

Holi is a festival of colours, dance, music, and playful fun. While you are planning to play Holi 2024 with vibrant colours and water, make sure to follow safety measures.

Natural Holi Colours

Buy natural colours this Holi. Organic and herbal colours are best to avoid skin allergic reactions. Many Holi colours in the market claim ‘they are natural’, but are chemical ones in real.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear old, comfortable clothes that will be fine even after getting wet to avoid exposure! Go for full sleeves and long pants to enjoy without worrying.

Skin Care

Apply coconut oil, cold cream or a moisturizer on exposed skin. It will remove the colours easily later. Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and nails for further care.

Play But Save Water

Are you planning to play Holi with water? Be mindful to use water in a limit. Instead, use organic colours and flowers. Try to eliminate the idea of celebrating Holi with Water, or else It can trouble you.

Stay Safe

Be aware of where you are! You must check the surroundings and the crowd for your safety. Stay near your family and friends.

Avoid Alcohol

Don’t consume alcohol and other intoxicants for the sake of Holi enjoyment. Don’t let other people trouble because of you. Play Holi safely this 2024.

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