Top 5 Types of Wood for Furniture

Most of the furniture in your home is made of wood. It is an aesthetically pleasing and durable material for furniture. Let us look at the top 5 types of wood for furniture making.

Teak Wood

This wood is fire and weather-resistant and very durable. It can last for a whole century without rotting away. It is also the most expensive kind of wood for furniture. This wood is used to make boats too.


This wood can maintain its shape well and is often available in gigantic sizes. It is used to make wooden cabinets, ornamental carvings, and sculptures.


It is durable and robust. It makes the furniture look attractive with its glossy texture. It is easy to take care of, so it is usually preferred as a floor material.

White Cedar Wood

It is not prone to decay or termites. It is a lighter wood that is used to build wooden accessories like chests, drawers, shoe racks, and other decorative furniture.


This type of wood is beautiful to look at, as it takes on a darker color when polished. It can stay durable even underwater. It is easily sculpted, so it is perfect to be used for decorative art pieces.

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