Top 5 rarest Cat Breeds

If you love watching cat videos all day, have you ever wondered about the rarest Cat breeds in the world? Some of them are so cute but incredibly difficult to find. Let's see what they are!


This breed is native to Kenya and can be identified by its unique coat pattern. The short, smooth coat of the Sokoke bears a ringed tail pattern. They are renowned for their intelligence and naughtiness.

Khao Manee

They are famous for their striking white coat and blue or green eyes and are originally from Thailand. Intelligent, loving, and playful cats, Khao Manees adore being around people.


They originate from Thailand and are distinguished by their green eyes and silver-blue coat. The playful, intelligent, and active cats known as korats love being around humans.


They all eventually lose their fur because they all carry a gene that causes hairfall, even if they are born with a straight coat. The slim and muscular build of the breed makes them competition class cats.


With short hair, short legs, a muscular build, and large ears, they are miraculous. They are a small breed that gets along with both people and other animals and needs little grooming.

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