Top 5 Places To Visit In India During April

April marks the beginning of the Spring Season every year and while most places are still burning hot from summer, here are some places for you to escape the scorching sun!


Beautiful gardens, scenic mountains and mesmerizing lakes, Kashmir has it all. A perfect escape spot from your daily responsibilities at work. During this season, the snow melts and reveals its natural beauty.


April is one time of the year when there is minimal crowd in this popular tourist spot. The climate (14 - 29 degrees) and the abundant sightseeing options can captivate any travel enthusiast.


Located in Meghalaya, this place receives one of the highest rainfall during the year. Because of this, you can see a lot of waterfalls and living root bridges that are naturally occurring. Beautiful location.


Located on top and between mountain ranges, Ooty has a special place in every travel enthusiast's heart. The cold climate and magnificent tea gardens, sceneries and architecture will leave your mouth gaping.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Marine biodiversity, clear waters, tropical atmosphere, clean beaches and most importantly, amazing food! The stargazing on beaches is one of the favourite tourist activities here. Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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