Top 5 Phobias You Might've Never Heard Of

Fear of Spiders, Heights & Ghosts are common. But what about cheese or belly buttons? Here are 5 unusual phobias you might've not heard of:


Cheese lovers beware! This phobia is the fear of cheese. People with turophobia may experience anxiety or even panic attacks around cheese or even the sight of it.


This fear of being without a mobile phone is becoming more and more common. Nomophobia sufferers experience anxiety when their phone is lost or simply not with them.


Ever feel uneasy around those eerily realistic mannequins in store windows? People with automatonophobia have an intense fear of these inanimate objects.


Hairballs aren't the only thing people with trichophobia fear. This phobia encompasses a fear of hair, including their own.


Belly buttons may seem like a trivial thing to fear, but omphalophobia is a very real phobia that can cause anxiety and distress.

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