Top 5 Most Weirdest Places on Planet Earth

The search for a new adventure never dies. These 5 places on Earth have more to offer than just the road trip. You get to witness some of the world's weirdest natural phenomena.

Danakil Depression Zone, Ethiopia

Hot springs and pools of acid that are stronger than regular battery acid and can reach temperatures up to 212 degrees. It is one of the hottest places on earth making it fully uninhabitable.

Jacob’s Well, Texas

The opening of an underwater 4500-long cave system makes this one of the most beautiful doorways to hell. Several divers have gone missing even with a supplementary oxygen supply. This place is dangerous.

Mount Everest Death Zone, Nepal

The human body is said to die slowly on the peak of Mt. Everest, the Death Zone. A name given to the altitude from which oxygen levels are too less for humans to survive. There have been 350+ deaths so far.

Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa, California

This place is known for its terrain with rocks which move (sometimes up to about 1500 metres) over the years leaving a long trail. The drive to this area is so dangerous, that treading offroad is illegal.

Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela

This is the lightning capital of the world. Lighting strikes this area 1.6 million times throughout the year, which is 28 times per minute. This phenomenon occurs due to its unique weather conditions.

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