Top 5 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Choosing a dog breed can be difficult, but when you know you need a companion, these are the top 5 dog breeds that are the most trainable of all.

German Shepherd

An extraordinary shining star. The German Shepherd is an all-rounder making it an exceptional Guard dog, Police dog, and your 3-year-old's best friend all at the same time.


An overachiever who loves learning new things. Poodles are extremely obedient and smart all while looking like a bag of feathers. They would cooperate and stay by your side through all your training.

Border Collie

It requires a high amount of intelligence and agility for dogs to to herd sheep. The border Collie is capable of such a feat with the right training. They are cute, obedient, and loyal in any condition.

Doberman Pinscher

A warrior by your side. They can tell who is a friend and who is not and are always there to protect you at all costs. They are highly intelligent, strong, and reliable, making them very trainable.

Golden Retriever

For everyday smart work and social skills, these adorable guys are the best fit. They love spending time with humans. Training them would be a life's worth if you need a loyal friend.

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