Top 5 Most Spiciest Food The World Has to Offer

The world's most spiciest food! Are you ready to challenge yourself by trying these out? It's okay if you really love your bowel, we understand. Nonetheless, here is the list:

Griot - Haiti

The 5th place goes to this Caribbean spicy dish. It is made with Pork shoulder and T-malice sauce. If you are brave enough, you could add some chilli toppings to get you screaming!

Doro Wat - Ethiopia

The national dish of Ethiopia. A soupy stew that is made with chicken, beef, lamb, liver or eggs and a variety of vegetables. Spices such as dried red chiles, paprika, cayenne pepper & fenugreek are used.

Sichuan Hot Pot - China

An already spicy dish put in a hot pot makes this one of the spiciest dishes in the world. It's a Chinese cuisine with red hot broth infused with a variety of Sichuan spices and raw pieces of meat and veggies.

Phaal Curry - India/UK

The most spiciest curry in the world. So spicy that people must sign a liability waiver before consuming it. It was originated in the UK but slowly made its way to India for its extreme spiciness.

Goan Vindaloo, India

This was originally a Goan-portugese dish made from red wine, peppers, and garlic then improvised with coconut, vinegar and chillies. It is usually made from ghost chillies, the spiciest kind of chillies.

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