Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Summer heat can make your kitchen prone to grime. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your kitchen clean and dust-free.

Forgotten Zone

Don’t just wipe counters! Wipe behind the stove, under the fridge, and inside the cabinets to keep the kitchen deeply cleaned.

Grimy Grease

Greasy splatters and spills in your kitchen? Clean them now! Hot summers make them harder to remove later.

Pesky Flies

Those pesky flies love summer fruit. Make your kitchen fly-free! Keep fruits covered, and use traps to prevent infestation.

Garbage Disposable

Food scraps fester in hot weather. Grind ice cubes with lemon peels to freshen the disposable and remove unpleasant odors.

Dishwasher Cleaning

Overloading utensils are a breeding ground for bacteria. Rinse dishes well and check for clogged spray arms for a thorough cleaning.

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