Top 5 Interesting Facts About Rivers: International Day of Action for Rivers 2024

International Day of Action for Rivers (IDAR) sensitizes the world on the importance of rivers. The day highlights issues of river pollution, management, and conservation to save rivers from becoming scarce.

Pink River Dolphin

The Amazon River is home to a unique resident - the Pink River Dolphin. This creature is not only pink in colour but also blind in one eye, an adapting feature to its murky environment.

River with Multiple Mouths

The Nile River does not have a single-defined mouth. It forms a vast delta with multiple branches when flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, forming a diverse ecosystem.

Rainbow River

The Rainbow River of Columbia, also known as Caño Cristales is a natural relaxation to the eyes. The river changes the spectrum of colours at certain times of the year, making it a natural wonder.

Booming Sand

The sand near the Nile River produces musical sounds ranging from low hums to higher whistle notes. Known as the ‘Booming Sand’, the sand grains create soothing music while touching the dunes.

World’s Shortest River

Roe River of Montana USA holds the Guinness World Record of the world’s shortest river - 200 feet in length. Despite its size, Roe supports a wide variety of aquatic life.

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